Web Variety : 1) Viral Letter-Employee’s Letter to the Owner. 2) Volcanic Activity

1. A letter that went Viral A former employee’s letter went viral. Dairy Queen Ice cream restaurant is famous in Ontario; Canada.  Dr. Nabiha Islam worked here in earlier times. She wrote a letter to her former employer and boss Yvonne Lavasidis’ Dairy Queen in Ontario, Canada. She thanked her for the splendid cooperation she […]

Microsoft Wants to Share For Turning 100 Indian Cities into Smart Cities

Microsoft, the giant of Information Technology, has applied to the Government of India, to participate in the Government’s program of building 100 smart cities. It wants to share its information and techniques on making these cities and also it wants to join as a partner in the program of e-governance plus share in other technical […]

Gold Version Of iPhone-6 is Coming

The great news: over 4 million phones pre booked right on the launching of the iPhone-6 iPhone-6 plus on the first day itself. The market analysts predict

Accept Every Situation In Simplicity

Our happiness or sorrow depend on the thought process and the reaction to different situations. Some events will happen without our wishing so or without any of our control over them.

Leave the Tendencies, Care For the Capabilities To Achieve

Once upon a time a merchant presented two Falcon chicks of high pedigree to the king and requested that an experienced trainer take care of them. The king was jubilant to receive the chicks and asked a birds trainer to care for the new arrivals.

Google, A Company that Has Changed the World of Internet Users


In the 1990 decade while using the internet no one could imagine that there would be a company known as Google. Google got underway on 4 September 1998 and has now become a part of life of all the internet user.  Starting as a Search Engine, today G-mail, Google+, Internet browser, Chrome, Google Earth, Google […]

World’s Ten Beautiful Palaces – Part I

1 .Château de Chambord, France Chambord Castle, this majestic palace is in France and is known for its beautiful and impressive architecture. It was constructed by the French King Francis I. UNESCO has declared  it as a World  Heritage Site building. This building has inspired the University of London to make a replica, and name the main […]

World’s Largest Cave booked till 2015

World’s Largest Cave booked till 2015 The largest cave of the world Son Doong is in Vietnam. People go to Son Doong for adventure to get so much fun and joy. The attraction is so much that booking is full for the whole of 2015.