Noble Prize in Controversy Since Inception.

This year (2014) Noble prize for medicine has been given to three scientists.U.S.-British scientist John O’Keefe and Norwegian husband and wife Edvard Moser and May-Britt Moser are the recipients.  They have worked on brain cells – that work like the GPS system for the human body.They have deciphered separately as to how human orient themselves in […]

Web Variety : 1) Viral Letter-Employee’s Letter to the Owner. 2) Volcanic Activity

1. A letter that went Viral A former employee’s letter went viral. Dairy Queen Ice cream restaurant is famous in Ontario; Canada.  Dr. Nabiha Islam worked here in earlier times. She wrote a letter to her former employer and boss Yvonne Lavasidis’ Dairy Queen in Ontario, Canada. She thanked her for the splendid cooperation she […]

Revival of New York’s Soul : World Trade Center Rises Again

Thirteen years earlier militancy had attracted the attention of the world. Being the principal trade, business and commercial center of the USA, twin towers of World Trade Center, New york were the attraction and the pride of the US. The towers were opened to the public on April 4th, 1973. The Agency that planned the […]

Web Unique: 1) Mont Saint-Michel – French Monastery 2) A Chinese Love-Lore

French Monastery is a World Heritage Site.   The rock off shore near Normandy, Northwestern France since year 600 AD has an interesting history. There is a Christian monastery named Mont Saint-Michel got established because of its location. This small island’s fortification because of its strategic position could not be seized in 100 years’ war. Photograph: […]

Google, A Company that Has Changed the World of Internet Users


In the 1990 decade while using the internet no one could imagine that there would be a company known as Google. Google got underway on 4 September 1998 and has now become a part of life of all the internet user.  Starting as a Search Engine, today G-mail, Google+, Internet browser, Chrome, Google Earth, Google […]

World’s Ten Beautiful Palaces – Part I

1 .Château de Chambord, France Chambord Castle, this majestic palace is in France and is known for its beautiful and impressive architecture. It was constructed by the French King Francis I. UNESCO has declared  it as a World  Heritage Site building. This building has inspired the University of London to make a replica, and name the main […]

Searle A Company That Changed The World by Making The First Oral Contraceptive.

Searle  G.D opened ( in 1888) his pharmaceutical company in Omaha, Nebraska, USA and distributed medicines. He dreamt of manufacturing his drugs and therefore shifted to Chicago. In the beginning, whatever manufactured, he sold all the products to doctors directly. He had this strategy for a long period. His physician son Claude Howard Searle took […]