Web Unique: 1) Car Jungle 2) Sheep ‘Sherk’ Avoided Fleecing for Six Years

1) Car Jungle: Nobody knows the real story of the cars lying like that for seventy years in a southern Belgian forest. Close by is a village called  Chatillon  in southern Belgium.The place is called the graveyard of cars. Speculation prevails that there was a long traffic jam in their route, people abandoned their cars and they remained […]

Whispering Gallery Of Gol Gumbaj

Whispering Gallery of Gol Gumbaj : Gol Gumbaj – Rose Dome, in Bijapur, Karnataka, India is a marvel of construction from Sound (acoustics) from medieval times. Since 1656 AD, its Whispering Gallery is the most noteworthy.

Israelis Atop Sderote Watching Gaza Bombing

The scene and the mood in Israel is different these days. People gather atop hillock of town of Sderote to look and appreciate Israel forces bombing the controversial Gaza scene.

Web Unique: 1) Noise Decibels Controlled off Airport 2) Unique Japanese Fishing Art

1) Noise Decibels Controlled off Airport  People do not want to live nearby airport Scipol, Amsterdam, Netherlands., because of the noise level there. Schipol is the fourth busiest airport in the world. A particular technique developed by landscape artist Paul De Court to control the sound produced. Specially designed plains will reduce noise from the aircrafts. Ordinarily, the […]

Debate on Hitler’s Secret Photographs


Hitler used to practice his speeches prior to their delivery and he would prepare by adopting  war like postures and it is believed tat Germans were inspired Photos: Dainik Bhaskar The photographs reached the people this way: Heinrich Hoffmann took thousand of Hitler’s photos. Downtown Tumbler says the photographs ran into two million. A significant […]

Goal Control Technique Helps Referee In Football

Looking at the history of the World Cup, FIFA, you will notice that error committed by the referee changed the course of the matches played. It was due to lack of technique to detect the mistakes. With the advent of new techniques, the errors were eliminated over the years.