Understanding The Background Of Incidents That Changed History.


It was on the night of 07th June 1893 that Gandhi was thrown off the train at Pietermaritzburg Railway Station, South Africa. He had refused to vacate the 1st class white-only compartment. That night while waiting in the darkened retiring room of the station, he prayed to God for guidance.

Happiness-2: Where is My Balloon ?

One hundred delegates were listening to a speaker in a seminar on” Human relationships and How to Find Happiness“. Suddenly, the speaker stopped and distributed balloons to all the delegates. He asked the participants to write their names on a balloon and drop it in a box. They were requested to shift to the  adjoining auditorium. […]

The Magic of Ribbon That Changed the Life

One teacher in a New York’s school called each child of the class to her table. She explained to the students that each of them was relevant to the class and gave them a blue ribbon as a sign of honor. On this ribbon it was inscribed in golden color letters ” What am I, […]

Happy View of Life Depends On Your Attitude


Happy View of Life If I do better than other, what difference does it make….! If I do better for others, makes a lot of difference….! Here is an illustration: A convoy on a long journey was traveling through the dark tunnel. When some people got pricked in their feet, they picked up the pebbles. […]

Crying Hug Photo That Went Viral

It is touching a story about the photograph that broke all records of sharing. In short, the snap is of a police officer embracing a black kid, consoling him. The photo went viral when the freelance photographer Johnny Nguyen, 20, uploaded this shot from Portland, Oregan.

True stories: 1) Reserving A Seat In Restaurant 2. Sophia, Settled At Last

He reserves a seat in restaurant: There are many stories telling how people love their life partner endlessly. Such is the case of a senior citizen a Twitter user Madina Bashizadah of Fremont, California. As per Imgur, They were married and lived for 55 years together and lost her five years ago. He carries her […]

Noble Peace Prize for 2014 – Aims to Save Children from Opression

Declaration, for Noble Peace prize for this year since yesterday, has elated spirits of many all over the world. People will at large sigh with a sense of relief. The wise choice of the peace award committee of the Noble prize deserves all kudos. The two political enemies nations can expect good days to come. […]

Web Variety : 1) Viral Letter-Employee’s Letter to the Owner. 2) Volcanic Activity

1. A letter that went Viral A former employee’s letter went viral. Dairy Queen Ice cream restaurant is famous in Ontario; Canada.  Dr. Nabiha Islam worked here in earlier times. She wrote a letter to her former employer and boss Yvonne Lavasidis’ Dairy Queen in Ontario, Canada. She thanked her for the splendid cooperation she […]

Ten Steps to Avoid Hopelessness

It is a common to experience that we keep loosing opportunities to change things in our way. Nothing, much can be done after missing time for the opportunity. But yes, we can get ready for the next time and not be disappointed. Here we have some ways to help to get the best: – 1) […]

Young Mothers Have Occupied Houses in London

Young Mothers

Housing is a significant problem for Londoners. Confronting the issue a group of young women called ‘Focus E15 Mothers’ have taken up the cudgels. They got evicted from their East Thames hostel a month earlier. Now, they have occupied the vacant houses of official residences, Colonies of houses of Sports Authority and the reserve houses […]