Academy Award 2013 Winner ’12 Years a Slave’

12 Years a Slave

2013 gave us the three academy awards winning film directed by the first black Director Steve McQueen ” 12 Years a Slave .”  It depicts the American history’s touching true story impresses one and all. Based on times of slavery in the pre-civil war in America and how incredible is invincible spirit of man can win […]

Arranged Marriages In South Asia

In 1978-77,  I was studying in the Principia College, Alton, Illinois, USA. During a working lunch, I was asked to speak on the topic of Indian way of life.

Most Influential and Effective Women Today:

The list of most popular, influential and effective women of the world. The ranking is as per Forbes Magazine. 1. Angela Merkel: She has been the first female German Chancellor since 2005. She is the most powerful women of the world for eighth year out of last 10 years( Forbes Magazine). She has been the savior […]


dress code

Dress Code: 1) You could dress as you like and it always shows your taste 2) If  you don any branded item, it indicates that you are well off and do not need a raise. 3) Your taste is not as per the trend shows you are thrifty in your spending and definitely need no hike as you are […]