Everything You Need To Know About Laughter Yoga-Need Of Today.

Laughter Yoga

If we start to eat half, drink double the water, begin to put efforts in your work three times and start laughing four times than at present. Your entire experience is bound to change. Plenty of energies unlock, and your life is full of more happiness, wellness and benefits by remaining in a good mood. Seventy […]

Laughter is the Dawn of Life.

To keep the body healthy, we need on daily basis fresh air, water, food, hard work, sleep, rest, and laughter. Laughter is a daily chore we need to perform. It is the dawn of the life. Through laughter the mind becomes lively, the face starts to glow, looks and attractiveness increase many folds. Laughter is […]

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga

Birth Of Laughter Yoga:  Dr.Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri from Mumbai, India were the originator of Laughter Clubs in the world. Dr. Madan Kataria had been practising in medicine in Mumbai. He worked as a registrar in a local hospital when he noticed in 1995 that the laughter helped in a significant way for […]

Halloween – A Farmer Alters Pumpkin’s Shape While Growing

Each year Halloween festival is celebrated on 31st October in the USA and other Christian people of the world. People have started to prepare for the parting and spending time to have this grand occasion. Trick-or-treaters in Sweden Photo: Wikipedia  The themes of Halloween revolve around people use humor and ridicule for opposing all mighty ‘death’. […]

Modi , Modi Everywhere


1) On the 28th Sept the crowd gathered at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA. Most of the enthusiasts were wearing the saffron colored Tee Shirt to listen to the visiting Prime Minister of India Narender Modi. Photograph Via Dainik Bhaskar 2) It took An American Painter barely five minutes to make the painting of Modi […]

Mystery Spot – Where All is Topsy Turvy

Mystery Spot

Santa Cruz, in Hollywood known for film actors, but there is another unique feature about this place. A resort, famed for everything going topsy and Turvy. You may experience about you being as the way you feel about magnetism. In a room, you will see that water thrown will go upwards. The ball will roll […]

Obama’s Old Photograph Caused a War in the Press

On the first day of his state visit to Britain, President Obama had a busy schedule. It was nice and pleasant surprise to note that they agreed to play ping pong in the late afternoon. He and the British Prime Minister David Cameron as partners had played ping pong with the students of Globe Academy, […]

Most Difficult Task Of The World And Topics Hot On The Web


Most Difficult task of the world: This post is popular as “world’ toughest job”. Person issues this unoriginal ad and response are fantastically original interviews. The purpose of the video is that the Mother has endless responsibilities without a break .. so why not send a greeting card on the mother’s day. Nearly everyone realizes […]

Psychology of Laughter

Do you know why the painting of Monalisa is famous? It is because, she, has a natural smile. A natural smile is infectious and usually makes others smile.