How Hashicorp reduces work & how come a 27 year got into Fortune 500

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It happened in 2010. Mitchell Hashimoto studied at Washington University and simultaneously worked for a Consulting Company. He was upset as to why setting a software program in a computer took so long to download. He worked to make the system automated and through coding reduced the work of 15 hours to 15 minutes.

You need to know, IT Devices Can Control Vital Diseases – 1

Three diseases Blood pressure (BP), Diabetes and Heart disease, bother the humans the most. Now we have IT gadgets to control them and get alerts well in time. We get informed about the level of diseases at the desired time interval, thus, we can finish or control these diseases. In this write up we have info […]

All You Need to Know How DNA Retain Billion Helpful DVDS


Computer data is storable on magnetic tape, disk or optical storage system. A group of Scientists of the Washington University and Microsoft and Illinois University has shown that the DNA found in our blood cell particle can store the data. The storage capacity is so vast and incredible that whole world’s digital info is storable […]

What this, Wonderful ‘Slack App’ A New Medium of Dialogue !

The large companies of the world have commenced and use the software of ‘Slack’ for the interoffice chat. People raise two questions about the Company. First, whether the 21 months old company has a real income of $ 2.78 billion. Second, whether ‘Slack’ would change the way the world is working.