See Here World’s Vertical Forest For the First Time in Milan

The photo is of the vertical forest created in Milan, Italy. The pair of the residential buildings belongs to Porto Nova district. Notice here the heights of the towers are 360 feet and 249 feet. There is an office tower complex right next to the towers. The design of the building got finalized by the famous firm […]

See, Why Holloman High Speed Test Track Is So Famous?

If somebody is fond of very high speed and safety capabilities, then he should go to New Mexico in the USA. That is where they have Holloman Air Force base at Holloman High-Speed Test Track (HHSTT) in South Central New Mexico, USA. The length of the track is 15.47 km and suitable for high-speed testing. […]

Know How: The Building Of The Largest Container Vessel.

Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering of Opko, South Korea is building the world’s largest container ship named ‘Matz Maersk’. Once, ready the ship will carry 18000 containers at a time. The route would be transoceanic. Vessel’s Principal Specifications: Overall length 1312 feet, breadth 194 feet,  Height 239feet 6 inches and the propellor weighing 70 tons. Twin […]

Indian Spacecraft Accomplishes Its Mars Orbiter Mission on Sept 24th, 2014

International Media Praises for Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) of India. Here is what world’s media said about the MOM of India. USA: India took a long jump in Very small budget and means to have completed the ‘ Mars Orbiter’Mission ‘ – The New York Times said that India successfully […]

1) Pushup Girl 2) First Ice Cream Cone

Pushup Girl: In the US a North Carolina girl Kaylyn Mintz, 10 has beaten the soldiers in push ups in a friendly appearance program “Active Heros.”with the soldiers. Her video has gone viral showing the competition with soldiers. Kaylyn is a reserve in the Junior Reserve Training Corps. She got honored for participating and winning. […]

A Spanish City Is the Best In The World For Water Management

Here is a story that proves if, resources are pooled together the humans can do wonders in this world. People ‘s commitment to greenery and environments has enhanced beatification of Spain. The early years of 1990 decade’s drought spell was responsible for this phenomenal change.

Fiat Built a Testing Track on the Roof of its Five Story Headquarters

Fiat is well known car company. In 1920, it had 80-% share of the car business in Italy. During the peak of the first-world war, it had constructed its headquarters (Lingotto factory) in Turin, Italy. Lingotto is a district and a city in Italy. A Testing track was built on the rooftop to save time […]

Goal Control Technique Helps Referee In Football

Looking at the history of the World Cup, FIFA, you will notice that error committed by the referee changed the course of the matches played. It was due to lack of technique to detect the mistakes. With the advent of new techniques, the errors were eliminated over the years.