How to Remarkably Retain Your Fascinating Youth?

Keep away the useless numbers such as age, weight, and height. Let the doctor worry about them because you are paying him for that, Keep friendship with those who are jovial and joyous. The stubborn, irritable people should be avoided because they lower the moral of all those around. Keep learning something new like craft, gardening, the radio, do not […]

This Will Make You See Top On the Web For Quite Some Time – Part 2

Golden Buzzer won by her voice by the thirteen year Girl:  Courtney Hadwin of County Durham, Britain participated in the prestigious Talent show of America. Jury members asked for experience in the singing. She explained that she got into singing as a habit from her early school days. She got snubbed for this many times.  Soon after the music […]

Wonderful Ten Things Every Day To Make You Happy

Say You Look Goodman: Every morning after getting ready and in front of the mirror before getting away say “You look good man./ woman – you will start feeling better – try it. What a beautiful day it is: While going out in a car, bus or subway or by any mode of travel, just look […]

How in the World a School Turn Out Excellent Achievers ?


You will be astounded to know the achievement of a brilliant girl student Nina Jaiswal who completed @ the age of eight completed 10th class, @ 10-Intermediate, @ 13 Graduation, @ 15-PG and now @ 17 doing her Ph.D. She can write with both the hands, play Piana and cook Hyderabadi Biryani in flat 25 minutes. […]

You See How the Eyes Sparkled as Wrong Notion Faded.

Eyes Sparkled

A positive approach in life is always beneficial to one and all. Here is an eye opener story from a well-known cancer surgeon.  Those who live their end part of the remaining period are usually very sad and wait for the end to come.

Wise Ways For A Happier World

Wise Ways

 Learn to have a good and decent demeanor, not money, because at the end of it there are just four people who take you to the grave. Don’t share your sorrows and misfortune with others, because balm and liniment are found in one or two homes, but salt is available every home. Nothing is available […]

Wow, New Bullets Can Sprout Plants to Make Environments Safer


The US Army is about to commence filling their ammunition depots with plastic bullets containing plant seeds to be used for training (shooting) ranges. On firing, the bullets will mix with the earth where they fall and sprout to become plants after a few months.

How to motivate a Boy to be a Philanthropist


A 6-year boy was going with his 4-year-old younger sister through a small market. He suddenly felt, that his sister was left behind. He paused, then looked back, and found his sister standing in front of a toy shop and looking at something.

Learn How to Actually Love in Marriage – Dedicated to All


She got presented on her wedding with a $ 1000 check gift from her mother in a saving account. Mother had a motto to make her life full of blessings and a secured but happy future. She told her to deposit some amount in future whenever she (they) had something to celebrate and record the […]