You see Here for the First Time, Supercar To Run Without Fuel. 

Without Fuel super car

Lamborghini and MIT have innovatively working on a supercar concept model that gets powered by supercapacitors.  On one side the world is getting ready for battery cars, whereas Lamborghini and MIT together went a step ahead of presenting a supercar powered by capacitors with no batteries. Last Monday the concept model got exhibited. The cost of the vehicle is yet […]

What This Will Make You How to Get Healthier Energy for Environments


The necessity of electricity has increased substantially over the years. In earlier times the types of equipment, appliances, and types of machinery were fewer as compared to the present times. The electric bills amount has swelled for industrial, commercial, institutional and occupational, and residential premises.

How Hashicorp reduces work & how come a 27 year got into Fortune 500

hashicorp logo

It happened in 2010. Mitchell Hashimoto studied at Washington University and simultaneously worked for a Consulting Company. He was upset as to why setting a software program in a computer took so long to download. He worked to make the system automated and through coding reduced the work of 15 hours to 15 minutes.

Considerations to Make When Trying to Improve Your Child’s Speech

Being a parent comes with a variety of different challenges. Without the right amount of attention and care, a child will have a very hard time reaching their milestones. Dealing with speech therapy for toddlers in home can be a bit of a challenge, but more than worth the effort. If you are going to […]

How To Turn Around Your Bathspace With Hindware

Innovation in technology is something that we hear and read about everyday. However, when the technological innovation happens in the most overlooked space of your house, your bathroom, you are taken aback.

Innovative and Creative Attractions

Innovation: A very few people in the whole world are aware that that there is so much of junk submerged in the oceans that an area equivalent to two France’s land would be insufficient to store. The plastic leads in the garbage in quantity for the all the material found there.

You See Here New Logos On Facebook

There had been an ongoing but steady demand for buttons projecting other emotions than only Likes on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg declared in his post that he has launched emotion buttons in the whole world.

See How Wonderful Drone Will Make Life More Pleasant

The idea to have Unmanned aircraft is over one hundred fifty years old.  Austria attacked Venice way back on Aug. 22, 1849,  by dispatching balloons laden with bombs. They were activated by the electromagnetic waves. The strike made little damage, but Venice surrendered two days later.