See 8 Unique Health Benefits of Kissing


Kissing your loved one feels not only great but also is phenomenally excellent for your total health and wellbeing. Not many people comprehend that deep smooching can boost your immune system, reduce your blood pressure and can help in managing your physique.

I Love This Interpretation of *Prayer*


*Prayer* doesn’t just happen when we kneel or put our hands together and focus and expect things from God.It gets conveyed through one’s loving feeling.  *Prayer* is a submission to the Creator for a good day ahead. So that I work for the welfare of the self, the family, and the world.  When I do not […]

Some Flowers-Part 2-In Alphabetic Order-Edelweiss+Forsythia


Edelweiss: It is a romantic flower, belongs to Asteraceae family (the daisy or sunflower). The nature has protected this flower from the effects of cold, non-availability of water and sun’s ultraviolet rays by providing thick hair. It belongs to Asteraceae family (the daisy or sunflower). It grows in Swiss Alps and grows easily in most of the gardens. […]

In Happy Marriage, Don’t Try to Change Ways of the Spouse

Happy Marriage

Everybody has a dream and idea of the type of life partner one wants. The search on the basis of such a partner is there in the mind. Every woman wants that her man changes slowly the way she had desired. The man, on the other hand, wants to mould the wife as per his […]

Strange but true: 1) Marriage Proposal 2) Tree that Survived the Tsunami

1) Marriage Proposal One man, a game designer in Guangzhou, China found so far the newest way, to propose a woman. He bought 99 pieces of branded new I-phones and stored them securely. During an office break, he arranged all the i-phones in a heart shaped figure on the ground in a parking lot. There […]

True stories: 1) Reserving A Seat In Restaurant 2. Sophia, Settled At Last

He reserves a seat in restaurant: There are many stories telling how people love their life partner endlessly. Such is the case of a senior citizen a Twitter user Madina Bashizadah of Fremont, California. As per Imgur, They were married and lived for 55 years together and lost her five years ago. He carries her […]

Web Unique: 1) Mont Saint-Michel – French Monastery 2) A Chinese Love-Lore

French Monastery is a World Heritage Site.   The rock off shore near Normandy, Northwestern France since year 600 AD has an interesting history. There is a Christian monastery named Mont Saint-Michel got established because of its location. This small island’s fortification because of its strategic position could not be seized in 100 years’ war. Photograph: […]

Messiah of the Homeless Anthony Aged 83

There are a few people who spend their each moment in helping and sharing with others. Such is a person Anthony Cymerys of Hartford, Connecticut. He is veteran from Army. People call him ‘Joe the Barber.’ He helps homeless people, as a barber for over 25 years, he is doing this free weekly service of shaving and […]