Flowers here will make you feel awesome about Nature

Feel Awesome about nature

The Orchidaceae are different and colossal species of flowering shrubs with flowers that sometimes are colorful and that smell so good, at times they are used for medicine and as a vegetable and in general called the orchid family.

In the world You See Something Surprising and Add to Your Knowledge – Part 3


The Spectrum Mountain: The Mount Edziza volcanic complex of British Columbia, Canada. Nature has blessed the area with colorful mountain ranges here with incredible beauty. The spectrum range is one of four strata-Volcano in the world. Because of heavy quantities of deposit of minerals on the hills, these colors are prominent and attractive. 

You See What Happened After 2011’s Tsunami

Five Years Completed:  All the Photo displayed are from Wikipedia A lot changed after the severe 9.00 (Richter scale) earthquake caused the tsunami on March 11, 2011, of the Northeastern coast of Japan. Marks Ericson, the American Marine conservationist on the Pacific Coast, ventured out to find the what had got added to the ocean off Japan as […]

This Will Make You See Top On the Web For Quite Some Time -1

First  Lady Michelle Obama College Video Rap Goes Viral (VIDEO) Michelle Obama, the first US lady, keeps herself busy to be in touch with the ordinary folks by spending time for various social works. She encourages and promotes education amongst school going kids saying that they would become good human being if they continue their […]

You Need to know Why Shell Stopped Oil Drilling In The Arctic

Incredible news September 28, 2015: Shell has announced it will STOP DRILLING FOR OIL IN THE ARCTIC! They failed to find what they spent three years and vast amounts of money looking for, so they have abandoned all drilling for “the foreseeable future”! It is a landmark victory in the story of the Arctic, which […]

Some Flowers-3-In Alphabetic Order-Gardenia+Hibiscus


Gardenia: It is a flowering plant belonging to Rubiaceae in the coffee family found mainly in Australasia, Southern Asia, Subtropical and tropical areas of Africa and Oceania. It has most of the species (140 members), heavily scented. It is in both forms as trees and shrubs. The leaves are in regularly twisted frequently around branches […]

Some Flowers-Part 2-In Alphabetic Order-Edelweiss+Forsythia


Edelweiss: It is a romantic flower, belongs to Asteraceae family (the daisy or sunflower). The nature has protected this flower from the effects of cold, non-availability of water and sun’s ultraviolet rays by providing thick hair. It belongs to Asteraceae family (the daisy or sunflower). It grows in Swiss Alps and grows easily in most of the gardens. […]

Some Flowers – In Alpha betic Order


Flowers are always pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. Here are named various flowers in order of the alphabets. With so much-advanced aids to set the data, we have made efforts to arrange their data as found in the nature. Flowers always convey different meaning at different time and occasion.

They live below -50 C(122F) in the Village


How would you like be welcomed at a place where people live in very low temperature? It is Sudarvarti Oymyakon, Russia, a village in Siberia. It is called the coldest village on the earth, but people are living there on a permanent basis at freezing temperature.

Neuroscientist Shows Brain Structures Through Art

Human brain is beautiful and thought to be one of the most unusual and complicated structure of the universe. Greg Dunn, who got a Ph.D from Pennsylvania, USA, in Neuroscience, later on turned to be an artist, has depicted in his paintings the human Brain.