Talented Person’s Stature is More Than the Mightest Man

Thales of Miletus:  Thales was the first great thinker of Greeks and believed to be the Father of Science, known as the first Mathematician and a Scientist. Nobody knew about his birth and death dates but believed to have lived from 624 BC to 546 BC. Aristotle expressed that he was the first of the […]

Happy View of Life Depends On Your Attitude


Happy View of Life If I do better than other, what difference does it make….! If I do better for others, makes a lot of difference….! Here is an illustration: A convoy on a long journey was traveling through the dark tunnel. When some people got pricked in their feet, they picked up the pebbles. […]

Story – Whatever Happens In Life Is For Good

Many times in our lives many problems are encountered that we do not understand. To show this here is a story: Once upon a time a volunteer Sunny ( name changed) working for the temple became very thoughtful, as he had worked all his life there. Sunny felt that the God would listen to his […]

Ten Steps to Avoid Hopelessness

It is a common to experience that we keep loosing opportunities to change things in our way. Nothing, much can be done after missing time for the opportunity. But yes, we can get ready for the next time and not be disappointed. Here we have some ways to help to get the best: – 1) […]

Remaining Sorrowful Will Not Lessen Anxiety

At a particular age and stage of life, you have to earn money for the daily bread. You choose a career and start to work, but you may like the other options of choosing a career. The mind may feel upset about this fact of life. It questions the field chosen, saying why not change […]

Accept Every Situation In Simplicity

Our happiness or sorrow depend on the thought process and the reaction to different situations. Some events will happen without our wishing so or without any of our control over them.

Prohibition in USA Pros and Cons

Think of 1920 when people adopted prohibition to support and change the USA. The police used to check up all over to enforce it. In Los Angles, almost on all major crossings the vehicles and occupants were checked.

Science of Pranayam – With Demontration

Pranayam is breathing rhythmically with the aim of getting the maximum of energy from the immediate surrounding. Minimal muscular activity can give all the benefits.