Web Unique: 1) Car Jungle 2) Sheep ‘Sherk’ Avoided Fleecing for Six Years

1) Car Jungle: Nobody knows the real story of the cars lying like that for seventy years in a southern Belgian forest. Close by is a village called  Chatillon  in southern Belgium.The place is called the graveyard of cars. Speculation prevails that there was a long traffic jam in their route, people abandoned their cars and they remained […]

The Famous Climbing Wall of Switzerland.

If you like adventure game then, wall climbing is for your calling. Wall climbing enthusiasts are on the look out for the new places to reach and continue in their pursuit. Diga di Luzzone dam in Switzerland is such a place.

Fiat Built a Testing Track on the Roof of its Five Story Headquarters

Fiat is well known car company. In 1920, it had 80-% share of the car business in Italy. During the peak of the first-world war, it had constructed its headquarters (Lingotto factory) in Turin, Italy. Lingotto is a district and a city in Italy. A Testing track was built on the rooftop to save time […]

Michael Schumacher’s Will to Recover After the Accident

Michael Schumacher: makes it to life after six months of remaining in coma.He has a record of winning seven times of Formula 1. Car racing. This time he has won the race with life, the longest race.He was given off by the hospital and treatment will go on as an outpatient. What happened to Michael Schumacher  He is aged […]

Lost Memory But Popular On Net

Here is a inspirational real story of Melvin Amrine, 83 years of Little rock, Arkansas.  Melvin lost his memory years ago. It is a miracle taking place in action. The miracle proves that brain may lose memory function but not the heart.