Miracle Guru Who Actually Infused Bravery in the Weak Masses

The Sikhs across the world came together on January 5th to celebrate the 350th Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh. It is also called Prakash Utsav or Prakash Parv. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was the last of the ten revered living Sikh Gurus. He was a saint-soldier, spiritual master, philosopher, and a poet. The Sikhs in […]

Top On the Web : Seven Pound Burger, Voice of Youth, Lasseter

After the meal Challenge to eat seven-pound burger YouTube number one sports channel “The Dude Perfect Show.’ had a challenge for the team members to have the 7-pound burger. The biggest problem was not to have a burger but to have after a hefty meal. Two members of the team first eat their lunch at […]

You See Top On the Web:Iranian Desert,Earth Day,Animated Video of Titanic

Danish Photographer showed “Bermuda Triangle” Of the Iranian Desert. Thomas Jenson, a Danish photographer, uploaded the splendid shot in the social media from Iran. The theme of the ‘Dune of the Gin’  over a large area. Located very close to ‘Dast -a- Kavir’. This sector is also known as the ‘ Bermuda Triangle Of Iran.’ It is called […]