What This Pay Zero On World Cup Football 2018 Spotlight


The 21st Football World Cup would be played in Russia starting from 14th June 2018 onwards. This world tournament will have Video Assistant referee (VAR) for the first time.  32 nations are to participate in the world tournament that will last for 32 days. 64 matches would get played, and the final will get played on […]

Save Birds / Fantasizing For Kids / Bike Stunt Training

Let the birds also live. An internet user wrote on the Photo sharing website,” when I opened the door the next morning; I was overjoyed to see thousands of crows cawing.” The user uploaded the photo and said that if his wife had seen them live in action, she would have been pleased because she loved […]

Children’s Social Experiment For Toy Guns to Football in Mexico

Nuevo Leon state of Mexico tried and got positive results – a marvelous experiment to introduce football and other games to school going children. Just in the last year thousand of children gave up toy guns, in return they got the football, soccer, and basketball kits. The yo-yos, jacks, and spinning tops were also exchanged […]

The Famous Climbing Wall of Switzerland.

If you like adventure game then, wall climbing is for your calling. Wall climbing enthusiasts are on the look out for the new places to reach and continue in their pursuit. Diga di Luzzone dam in Switzerland is such a place.

Football World Cup 2014 : Letter That Went Viral

FIFA world cup’s host Brazil lost heavily 7-1 against Germany. The defenders and the Captain have to face criticism firmly. Analuj, one of the fans, wrote an emotional letter of appreciation to the Captain David Luiz that has gone viral. The fan wrote, ” I saw all most all the world cup Brazil matches. I saw […]

Goal Control Technique Helps Referee In Football

Looking at the history of the World Cup, FIFA, you will notice that error committed by the referee changed the course of the matches played. It was due to lack of technique to detect the mistakes. With the advent of new techniques, the errors were eliminated over the years.

Obama’s Old Photograph Caused a War in the Press

On the first day of his state visit to Britain, President Obama had a busy schedule. It was nice and pleasant surprise to note that they agreed to play ping pong in the late afternoon. He and the British Prime Minister David Cameron as partners had played ping pong with the students of Globe Academy, […]