World’s Biggest Problem: The Robotic And Autonomous Weapons.

Robotic weapons with Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Autonomous weapons are the gifts of the modern times. Such weapons have been made that once armed or put on watch they will be difficult to control. Especially those working with artificial intelligence that have chemical weapons deployed on them.

Wonderful Things happening In The Internet World -Smartphone Wireless Charging

Wireless Chargin

Now you can charge the smartphone through the pocket. A new technique has emerged to charge smartphone battery. Engineers and Nikolas Laboratories are developing the technology so that the smartphones would get charged while the smartphone lies in the pocket. The smartphones receivers are capable tho draw energy out of the air. Similarly, the radio […]

See, Why Holloman High Speed Test Track Is So Famous?

If somebody is fond of very high speed and safety capabilities, then he should go to New Mexico in the USA. That is where they have Holloman Air Force base at Holloman High-Speed Test Track (HHSTT) in South Central New Mexico, USA. The length of the track is 15.47 km and suitable for high-speed testing. […]

Students Use Google Drive for Homework.

Google Drive

It is not a big wonder that internet is trickling down to the day to day life. The school children of New York schools disclosed in a session ” Ignition Conference” of Business Insider about how they do their homework.

Use of Drone’s Technology – A Leap Forward For Delveries

The drones technology aircrafts are operated all over the world for various purposes. Different recruitment companies have included them in their business after seeing their success. These companies are paying one hundred thousand dollars to the pilots flying drones and looking for more such pilots for employment.

Surfing Park in Melbourne Harbour

Melbourne will be the first world city to have floating surf park. Two Architect firms are working on this. Very soon they will present such a park to the citizens. The city will be a trend setter and a heaven for those who are into water sports and outdoor activities. Photo credit: Dainik Bhaskar The […]

1) Solo Wedding Craze in Japan 2) Thought Control Through An App.

Solo Wedding Craze in Japan Lately, the single women number has gone up substantially in Japan. Reason they have become career oriented. Instead of settling down for a family life they want to be professionally qualified in life.. Many agencies are mushrooming all over to give them services for celebrating grand receptions. One, Seraka travel […]

Know How: The Building Of The Largest Container Vessel.

Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering of Opko, South Korea is building the world’s largest container ship named ‘Matz Maersk’. Once, ready the ship will carry 18000 containers at a time. The route would be transoceanic. Vessel’s Principal Specifications: Overall length 1312 feet, breadth 194 feet,  Height 239feet 6 inches and the propellor weighing 70 tons. Twin […]

Mission Mars of the USA

Mars society is conducting a program by simulating conditions as on the planet Mars. They have chosen Utah’s rocky, arid desert – red hot rocky area with hot winds blowing. The space research station base is 40 miles from Hanksville. They (team of four men and two women) live there with limited ration and no outside […]