Google Has Successfully Experimented Drone Delivery Like Amazon

Google has successfully experimented on Amazon style of delivery of goods for transporting and delivering consumables in rural areas of Australia by robots of drones. However, this robot is different from that of Amazon’s drones. This robot has given confidence and new hopes to Google’s driverless car project. Google has named this as ” project […]

The Internet Shoes Will Take You To The New Age

An Indian company has made shoes that will tell you the way to turn to while on a walk. It is GPS enabled and will vibrate to tells whether to turn to right or left by vibrating the shoe on that side.

Earning in StartUp Village in Information Technology

Kalamassery is the industrial area of Kochi, Kerala, India. Here a five-story building “StartUp Village” of Kinfra High Tech Park, is attracting the attention of the world. There are more than two hundred youths working 24 hours daily, nonstop on laptops. They are working for seventy companies they started themselves. They are the fresh graduates […]

NASA : No Ground Water in 33% USA Land

NASA has disclosed that 33% of US land has no ground water. Although disturbing, but it is correct. ‘NASA disclosed that 33% of US land has no ground water.

Whispering Gallery Of Gol Gumbaj

Whispering Gallery of Gol Gumbaj : Gol Gumbaj – Rose Dome, in Bijapur, Karnataka, India is a marvel of construction from Sound (acoustics) from medieval times. Since 1656 AD, its Whispering Gallery is the most noteworthy.

Fiat Built a Testing Track on the Roof of its Five Story Headquarters

Fiat is well known car company. In 1920, it had 80-% share of the car business in Italy. During the peak of the first-world war, it had constructed its headquarters (Lingotto factory) in Turin, Italy. Lingotto is a district and a city in Italy. A Testing track was built on the rooftop to save time […]

Web Unique July16th, 2014: 1) World’s Largest Gold Mine 2) Fastest Woman Speaker

1)World’s Largest Gold Mine: Grassberg mine of Sudirman mountain range, in Papua, Indonesia has the largest goldmine of the world and 3rd largest Copper mine. An American firm Freeport, McMoran established in 1970 has a contract on the basis of 90.64-percentage rights with the Indonesian Government. Danish researcher, Jean-Jacques Dozy disclosed that this range was […]