Please Save Syrian Refugee Children

Syria is war torn for five years now. Seventy percent of its area has turned into ruins and shambles. 80000 children got killed out of 250000 people who have perished so far, and almost one-third of them are children who died for no fault of theirs.

Info on Japanese Wartime 40 Vessels and 250 aircraft Wrecks In Truk Lagoon

aircraft Wrecks

Recently the Underwater Photos’ Series of Nick Blake (49) from the South Pacific Ocean of over 40 warships and small boats and about 250 fighter planes got published. The grounded debris belonged to Japan. During the World War II, they got destroyed within two days by the Allied Forces in February 1944 in an Operation […]

Syrian Boy Saves Girl in a Shootout

Here is video that went viral. The Rebels opposing President Assad issued a copy of the incident to an evening news channel. The event involves saving a girl aged around 6- 8 years old in a shootout. The Shaam News Network uploaded this video to show that Government forces do not spare children and women […]