Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits of Yogurt


In this article, we will talk about one of the healthiest food that holds a very important place in our diet, cooking and has overtaken the dairy aisle. This is Yogurt and its health benefits were long touted by health conscious population. Besides health benefits, yogurt also posses numerous beauty benefits. Believed to have originated […]

Evidence Based Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Do you feel dizzy, bloated or cranky after waking up? Do you suffer from headaches often? Worried that you are losing your youthfulness and feel exhausted all the time. This does mean that you don’t drink plenty of water and your body is suffering from mild chronic dehydration about which you are unaware.

Kick off prickly heat this summer: Heat Rash Remedies

This summer, do not let inflamed and itchy bumps trouble you. Our article will provide you with the list of home remedies for heat rash. All ingredients are easily available in your kitchen cabinets. But before getting into the detail about the ways to get rid of heat rash or prickly heat let us understand […]

Top 18 Home Remedies for Cold Sores That You Need to See

Cold sores or fever blister affects millions of people every year. It appears as a fluid filled, tiny blisters on lips, around the mouth or inside the mouth. It may also occur on the nose or on the chin. And believe me, the appearance of fever blister is enough to scare you and force you […]

Jock Itch: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Home Remedies


Most of the men suffer from ringworm of the groin area or genitals. This skin issue is termed as jock itch. It is also known as groin rash or tinea cruris. The name jock itch itself suggests that it’s a skin issue that causes itching and burning of the affected area. The term jock itch […]