How to get a Tan Fast : Tanning Secrets Revealed

Glowing, brown and tanned skin is considered sexy. It is a beauty mark in many western countries. But just laying out in the sun is not enough to achieve a tanned body. There are a few points to be remembered while doing so, to get an evenly tanned body and to prevent sunburn. In this […]

Six Home Remedies To Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

In a woman, facial hair is natural, but if they grow in excess over neck, chin, cheeks, upper lips and forehead they become a cause of embarrassment. Usually, excess facial hair on a woman’s face is a result of hormonal imbalance, menstrual irregularities, pregnancy, menopause and certain medications.

7 Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads on your Nose

Blackheads or open comedones are small dark bumps on the skin. They are blocked pores that are filled with keratin, sebum and skin debris. They are more common on the nose and really looks bad. If you have them you must be looking for some natural and effective solutions to get rid of blackheads on […]

5 Home Remedies that Treat Flem in the Throat

The mucous lining of our respiratory tract produces flem. It is a thick and a liquid substance. It helps to filter the air that reaches the lungs. During infection of the respiratory tract, production of flem in throat increases. It contains infection causing pathogens such as virus and bacteria along with inflammatory cells.

Six Best Ways to Get Rid of Chest Congestion

chest congestion

Chest congestion is a very common ailment which is usually caused due to the common cold. It is an uncomfortable condition where mucus builds up in the respiratory tract. Its other causes are an allergy, asthma, flu, tuberculosis and pneumonia.