Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes – what you need to know


Type 2 diabetes is a common health problem that has been linked to inactivity and being overweight. It’s a serious condition and a chronic one that lasts for the rest of your life. If you are diagnosed as suffering from diabetes you will need to adjust your diet and exercise levels.

What is Ketogenic Diet? How can it help reduce weight even with high fat intake?

keto diet

A ketogenic diet is low carbohydrate diet which contains high fats and adequate amount of protein. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Usually, carbohydrates in our food is converted to glucose which is very important for functioning for the brain. The Ketogenic Diet helps the liver to convert fat from low […]

6 Types of Food For Diabetic Diet

1. Coarse Grain Bread made of flour of coarse grain with the husk and brown rice with the husk, has full fiber and vitamin and potassium that help in making insulin in the pancreas to decide the amount of insulin to make. Photo credit: Wikipedia 2. Fruits On eating the fruit with peel after proper […]

How To Cure Diabetes Through Yoga

Sit in Vajar asan as shown in the pictures below. Close your fists and join them at the knuckles and after breathing out press the fist with thumbs pressing next to naval’s both sides into the stomach. Bend your trunk so that closed  fists are pressing the thighs with the little fingers. Straighten your trunk and look in […]

Diabetic? Not a problem anymore!

Diabetes bounds you to get addicted to a very bore schedule of balanced diet. The schedule is just like a must follow thing for your daily routine life. If you play carelessly in this part of everyday life you will get yourself in the risk zone of, heart disease, problems related to kidney, eye problems […]

Symptoms, Cure and Treatment for Diabetes

Now a day’s diabetes is a common disease find among people in every age group. Diabetes is a lifelong disease. Diabetes Mellitus is commonly known as “diabetes,” and it means “sweet urine.”

The Heterogeneous Connection between the Nail Paints and Diabetes

The Heterogeneous Connection between the Nail Paints and Diabetes (2)

Sometimes the charm of cosmetic products can turn into obsession and can leave a mark on our health that can never be retrieved. So, the ladies who give into this charm have not avoiding damage due to the presence of phthalates in commonly found in personal care products such as moisturizers, nail polishes, soaps, hair […]