Wonderful: Facebook Day and Ted Cruz For 2016 Election

Facebook Day

Facebook Day: The 4th of February is a special day for the Facebook’s CEO and the Founder Mark Zuckerberg. Twelve years ago he along with friends had started ‘The Facebook’ as a website. After the launch of  Login page, the Harvard administration had stopped the Face Mesh account for the reason of breaching the security.

Facebook’s Viral Page of the President Who Actually Banned It

The Chinese President Xi Jinping had toured the US recently. His visit was a hi-fi affair for scattering and spreading abroad, of ideas, beliefs, etc. A Facebook page was uploaded on the night of September 17. It got posted as ‘Xi USA Visit’. Over 1 million followers have joined so far. Photo Credit: Facebook Xi […]

Social Media Is The First Choice of Multinationals to Increase Consumer Base

Social Media is the first choice of Global Companies to add on Consumers. Facebook, Twitter and Google + like companies are now being used by the multinationals and big consumer goods manufacturers to increase  base. These social media giants are now their first choice to increase their customers. Big companies are using the social sights […]

Four Things You Must Know About Office Productivity.

We do not know many things about Office.It will be not less than surprising to know more about them. Researchers are trying to find answers to daily affairs about office routine. To get maximum work output during office hours, we can get much help in understanding the psychology of running the office. 1) Maximum happiness […]