Master The Skills of Learning To Laugh and Be Successful.

Life always throws up more problems & challenges than solutions. It does not mean that one should not laugh. Joy Boot Camp is an organization that has volunteers who teach people to laugh and be joyful in the US. The corporate world is getting interested and let the employees know that it is essential for […]

Remaining Sorrowful Will Not Lessen Anxiety

At a particular age and stage of life, you have to earn money for the daily bread. You choose a career and start to work, but you may like the other options of choosing a career. The mind may feel upset about this fact of life. It questions the field chosen, saying why not change […]

Gift This Heart to Your Loved One

  Give this heart to everyone you don’t want to lose  in coming year. Look deeper, send your good thoughts prior to giving your heart. ‘Be kinder than nece Be kinder because everyone  you meet is fighting some kind of battle.’   A sharp tongue can cut my own throat.  If I want my dreams to come true, I […]