3 Tools for a Stress-Free Student Life

Stress-Free Student Life

Among the many pressures of college life, financial worry is a major one. A national survey revealed that as many as 70% of college students experience money-related stress, often affecting students so much that they can’t focus on their studies. Luckily, there are lots of places to turn for help.

You Need to Know Positively How to Overcome Stress in Life


Stress can leave fatal marks both bodily and mentally. Do not think too long about the stress or the problem but relax as soon as possible.  See the Youtube link given below. Please reflect on it and share it. It is typically difficult to ascertain the real cause of many such problems. A doctor may require […]

Yoga Helps the World for Better Mind and Robust Body

Yoga: The literal meaning of the word Yoga is“Add”. India is the place Yoga has originated a long time back to the mythological times ( over 5000 years). Another meaning is ‘remain positive in all you do’. All in all, it is the practice of the idea that mind and the body are one. The […]

The Modern Rules Of Float Therapy Drives Away Stress And Tension.

dark chamber

Emily Noren takes a weekly 90 minutes swim in a dark chamber filled with Epsom salt water for de-stressing. The water has the same temperature as that of the body. She sees nothing and hears only her breath. To some people, this is a very scary method of de-stressing. But, Noren at 29 and some […]

Everything You Need To Know About Laughter Yoga-Need Of Today.

Laughter Yoga

If we start to eat half, drink double the water, begin to put efforts in your work three times and start laughing four times than at present. Your entire experience is bound to change. Plenty of energies unlock, and your life is full of more happiness, wellness and benefits by remaining in a good mood. Seventy […]

Remaining Sorrowful Will Not Lessen Anxiety

At a particular age and stage of life, you have to earn money for the daily bread. You choose a career and start to work, but you may like the other options of choosing a career. The mind may feel upset about this fact of life. It questions the field chosen, saying why not change […]

Understanding Stress Solves Problems of Body And Mind.

We all need to be loved so that society’s negative bestowal on humans can be nullified. In our day to day life we see so much of error, discomfort, stress and disharmony. These negative traits  take a heavy toll from all beings. Calling someone out of control or mind means that person is perilous, unable to […]

How to wake up energized everyday

Sleeping problems impact seriously on our health and over one- third of us have this problem. Here, is an expert plan and guide which you must try to get a restful night.

If previously you suffer from insomnia, this month you will feel good. According to the research one out of three are suffering from this problem of sleeping disorder. So, we hope this month as the clock goes back an hour, our ability to spring out of bed dwindles with the morning light. Sleep is one of the first casualties when you are living through a tough time. Sleep impacts you in a number of ways. The recipe for sleepless nights is that you don’t allow yourself time to unwind after work and combine with a lack of daylight and risk of sadness that brings to you.

Summer Injuries you should Takecare of

Summer Injuries you should Takecare of

Summer does not come alone. It brings lots of nice and bad things together. Nice things includes fashionable wears, fruits, ice cream, juices etc but at the same time bad things like summer injuries, hotness also come. Many summer diseases like feet ache, sunburn, dehydration mainly becomes problematic in summer. These are some summer injuries […]