How Patches and Thermography Technology Can Help With Pain


Temperature has been an important part of medicine for thousands of years. As far back as 400BC, Hippocrates used temperature to help with diagnosis, applying mud to the body of his patient, then speculating that the areas which dried quickly were parts that had disease.

Self-Healing in Technology

Would you not get pleased if the cracked screen of the smartphone repairs itself as the original? The scientists of the University of Bristol have successfully developed such a technology that if a delicate gadget cracks, it can repair itself. These scientists have shown in a presentation, their achievement before the Royal Society in London. […]

See, Why Holloman High Speed Test Track Is So Famous?

If somebody is fond of very high speed and safety capabilities, then he should go to New Mexico in the USA. That is where they have Holloman Air Force base at Holloman High-Speed Test Track (HHSTT) in South Central New Mexico, USA. The length of the track is 15.47 km and suitable for high-speed testing. […]