Modi , Modi Everywhere


1) On the 28th Sept the crowd gathered at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA. Most of the enthusiasts were wearing the saffron colored Tee Shirt to listen to the visiting Prime Minister of India Narender Modi. Photograph Via Dainik Bhaskar 2) It took An American Painter barely five minutes to make the painting of Modi […]

Social Media Is The First Choice of Multinationals to Increase Consumer Base

Social Media is the first choice of Global Companies to add on Consumers. Facebook, Twitter and Google + like companies are now being used by the multinationals and big consumer goods manufacturers to increase  base. These social media giants are now their first choice to increase their customers. Big companies are using the social sights […]

Four Things You Must Know About Office Productivity.

We do not know many things about Office.It will be not less than surprising to know more about them. Researchers are trying to find answers to daily affairs about office routine. To get maximum work output during office hours, we can get much help in understanding the psychology of running the office. 1) Maximum happiness […]