6 Types of Food For Diabetic Diet

1. Coarse Grain Bread made of flour of coarse grain with the husk and brown rice with the husk, has full fiber and vitamin and potassium that help in making insulin in the pancreas to decide the amount of insulin to make. Photo credit: Wikipedia 2. Fruits On eating the fruit with peel after proper […]

Everything You Need To Know About Green Tea

Green Tea

Are you fond of Green Tea?? If affirmative, then you should know how to have green tea and be benefitted instead of getting harmed. A Chinese proverb says to live without green tea for a day; it is better to live without food for three days. The well wishers and lately scientific findings of green tea ascertain […]

15 Health Benefits of Dates

1. It is multi-faceted useful fruit having no cholesterol, little fat with minerals and vitamins. 2. They are rich in dietary fibre with Vitamins C, A1, B5, B1, B2 and B3, B-Complex group, Vitamin K . Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 3. Health conscious persons can take the liberty to mix milk with dates for tasty and nutritious […]

Benefits of Wheat Grass Juice – I

There are too many benefits of regular intake of Wheat Grass Juice( WGJ) claimed by Naturopaths. It is not so uncommon t0 see people plucking these needle like grass in gardens. No clinical trials reported.