Ways In Which Yoga Improves Personal Growth


Lately, people have been talking a lot about physical benefits associated with yoga. This is a great thing but it is a shame to notice that the mental benefits of yoga are not that well-covered. Physical benefits are only a part of what yoga can offer. This is an ancient practice that has been used […]

Could Yoga be included in sports training?


Since the time it had originated, and then with the significant jump in popularity in recent years, Yoga has been a frequent choice for many people who simply want to stay healthy and in good shape. As a practice consisting of series of controlled movements, concentrating especially on improving coordination and developing a strong core, […]

Choose Yoga to Heal Grief and Transform Your Life

Yoga heals grief by helping you to recognize those parts of your body and soul which hold stress and heaviness while teaching you to breathe into those spaces to release tension – so says Mandy Ingber, a celebrity yoga teacher who has trained Hollywood stars like Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Aniston.

5 Benefits of Yoga for Runners


The word yoga means union. Usually it signifies the union of the mind/body/spirit. It is certainly more than mere stretching, but can it become a union with runners? I find it confounding that so many runners seem to dismiss yoga as a valuable addition to their regimen.

Here is How Yoga and Gym Are Helpful for a Good Life

We should know how to live happily so that we avoid physical and mental problems. The answer lies in doing physical and psychological conditioning. As per experience of health practitioners, all the physical and psychological problems of humans such as muscle pain, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, heart problems, cancer, mental (Alzheimer) disease, etc. can […]

Yoga Is Beautiful, Its Practice Will Make You Happy

When the Creator brings the human being to the world, He bestows all the possibilities for him to be happy. He gives him all the opportunities to that person with both the internal and the external capabilities and means to achieve the contentment and the harmony in life.

Yoga, the Healthy Way for All in the World

Bridge Pose

It is a good way to know more about the Yoga as the world celebrates 21st June 2016 as the 2nd International Yoga Day. Yoga: The accurate meaning of the word Yoga is to “Add”. Yoga originated a long time back to the mythological times ( over 5000 years) in India. Another meaning is ‘remain confident […]

Hindu View of Life Sciences – 1

1) Trees (Vrikshay) The temples of Hindus usually are built near the or amongst trees. They even worship Ficus religiosa( Peepal) or Banyan tree or Azadirachta indica Neem and trees in the morning. Inhaling the oxygenated air near these trees, is good for health. It is believed Peepal emits oxygen 24 hours x 7 during […]