Time Magazine Has The Best In The Web Variety

By eating the following Fruits & vegetables the weight changes: One study got published in PLOS medical journal. They have recorded the fruit and vegetable regularly issued to members. The details of how much weight could be reduced by having the portions regularly. 33000 people participated, and the study took four years to complete. Participants were […]

Yoga Photo that broke the Internet

Scientist Taro Smith marine conservationist, underwater photographer and Amy Ippoliti, Yoga therapist, worked to get the shot below. It got captured when the copartner Amy was descending in water in the Yogic lotus posture. At that time, the 680 kilos ‘ Menta Ray swam passed her. Amy says,” Without sharks, the balance of the ocean’s […]

Discovery Channel’s Controversy : Anaconda Swallowing Alive Rosolie

Wild Life animal’s Discovery Channel has claimed that it will show an Anaconda swallowing alive Paul Rosolie,26, in its program “Eaten Alive’ on the December 7th. Paul would don a snake-proof suit. The show is in controversy for the shocking theme prior to its broadcast. The show to many seems as violations of animal rights. Anaconda […]