सिखों की सेवा उन्हें दूसरों की मदद करने के लिए प्रेरित करता है।महामारी ने यह दिखाया |

सिक्खों के बारे में सोचो और मन हंसी की एक बैरल,पदकों से भरा एक संदूक और एक अच्छी तरह से भंडारित मधुशाला (बार) को समेट लेता है। या, पुराने मजाक को याद करने के लिए: नील आर्मस्ट्रांग चांद पर उतरने वाले पहले व्यक्ति की उम्मीद कर रहे थे, केवल एक सिख टैक्सी ड्राइवर ने उसे […]

Eczema Treatment – Home Remedies, Medications, and Therapies


What Is Eczema? Eczema is a skin disease in which inflamed itchy patches appear on skin, and skin becomes rough and cracked.  It can be a genetic disease too. Its scientific name is Atopic Dermatitis. In Severe conditions, the disease can also cause blisters. India reports around 10 million cases of Eczema every year.  Sometimes Eczema […]

What Are The Health Benefits Of Almonds?


Rich and Healthy Almonds are home to several proteins and minerals It is effective in monitoring various health factors. Along with its extensive qualities, it adds a delicious taste to your dishes. Butter, Chocolate almond cake, and Buttermilk These dishes from Almonds always bring happiness to our taste buds.  Not only this, almonds are a […]

Home Remedies For Dandruff To Get Rid Of Irritating White Flakes


Just imagine while you appreciate yourself standing in front of the mirror and running your fingers over your hair, white flakes fall from your head All your approach fades at once White flakes falling from Your head is dandruff Let us find out Home remedies for dandruff. What Causes Dandruff? Today, dandruff is one of […]

3 Easy Backbend Yoga Poses For The Beginners


To follow a balance yoga routine, it is essential to learn backbend If you have just begun your yoga journey, adding Backbend to your stretching routine will build flexibility and strengthen your muscles. However it is better to start with some gentle Backbend yoga poses and then safely and slowly build up to advance backbends. […]

Easy To Make Green Juice Recipes To Kick Start Mornings


Before starting with Green juice recipes let me, tell you the reasons to drink green juice every day.  Nutritionists and health care providers emphasize a lot on green leafy vegetables to our diet. This is because green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and improve body immunity. Nowadays, you must have heard wellness […]

What Are The Symptoms Of Breast Cancer Treatment Of Breasts Cancer


Breast cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in females worldwide. However, a satisfactory fact is that breast cancer patients survive if detected early and with proper treatment. Therefore, to prevent the mortality caused due to breast cancer, it is essential to recognize Breast cancer symptoms and diagnose it early. What Is Breast Cancer […]

What Are Dust Mites Dust Mite Allergy Symptoms, Management And Prevention


Do you know there are tiny bugs belonging to spider family that lives in dust in our houses and feeds on dead skin cells regularly shed by the human? These tiny bugs thrive in warm and humid environments and triggers asthma and allergy. These tiny creatures do not bite but produce allergens. When we breathe […]

Can You Get Psoriasis In-Ears Know How To Manage Psoriasis In Ears


Consistent itching and pain in and around your ears may be a sign of Psoriasis in ears suppose you have never heard of this condition before our article is here to guide you on it. This article will explain to you how Psoriasis in ears develops and will discuss the management options. What Is Meant […]

Symptoms of High Cholesterol How To Manage High Cholesterol


What happens when you have high cholesterol for a long time? What are the Symptoms of high cholesterol? How to reduce cholesterol naturally? To get the answer to all these questions, read our article. High cholesterol interferes with blood flow, damages arteries, and triggers the onset of cardiac diseases and other ailments. Often the Symptoms […]