You See How Sikhism Reaches Out To Most With No Hope.

Sikhism teaches that everyone is equal, and people living in truely needy conditions should be helped. The basic of the Sikhism: Work honestly physically (kirat karo) using one’s body. Do Physical service 2. Remember Almighty God (Nam Japo) using your full attention that of Mind or Man 3. Share the food and one’s earning (vand […]

The Effects of Drug Abuse in Women

Drug Abuse Young Woman Injecting Heroin With Syringe

Gender and sex mainly influence women exposed to drug abuse. Sex is a factor based on biology and their gender regarding the cultural roles of men and women. Studies indicate that women who are addicted to drugs have contributing issues relating to fertility, hormones, menstrual cycle, menopause, breastfeeding, and pregnancy.Most women will state their reasons […]

Do You See How laughter As Exercise Benefits All?

A human being should always remain happy and use laughter as an exercise. It is possible when one enhances thinking so much that laughter results in benefits. The youngsters can maintain a good physique and stay agile to have a healthy body using laughter. Such physical condition gets maintained by laughing a lot. Scientific findings […]

Useful Pre-Workout Information for Workout Beginners


After a period of intense workout sessions, you probably notice that you no longer have enough energy and will for training. That’s a sign that your body has experienced a form of satiety. The energy reserves you get from food are no longer enough.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Recovery Time

Sinus Surgery

People are often concerned about the recovery after the Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery or FESS. Ideally, patients suffering from acute or chronic sinusitis should consider undergoing surgery. Patients who are not satisfied with the results of medicines or antibiotics should also consider this option. With the help of FESS surgery, the ENT Specialists are able […]

How to Lead a life ever full of Joy and in Harmony

Keep in mind, one day without joy means, one has lost a day of life, but if one has enjoyed a day in exaltation, one has added a day to one’s life. Breathing is not just life. Keeping or siding with the Truth is real life.All persons in some form or other in the world […]

Fascinating Effects of Covid 19 in the World Languages

Some of the new Proverbs that are likely to be included in the English language in the post-Covid 19 world. Here we have considered English first. Readers are welcome to share this in other languages and intimate us. Divided we live, United, we die! A sneeze, in time, infects nine! All that sniffles has caught […]

Every day effective, Funny and Popular Punjabi Slangs

1) In Punjabi we don’t say,“Oh my God”.We say Hi O Rabba. And I think that is more emotional. 2) In Punjabi, we don’t say, “Are you happy now?”We say ” pai Gayi thand hun?” And I think that’s beautiful! 3) In Punjabi, we don’t say ‘buzz off’.We say Dhor fittay moo,and I think that’s […]

Did you know Chamars were High Kshatriya caste?

Chamar is not a low caste as is believed commonly in India. In reality, they are the protector of Sanatan Dharma who endured the oppression of the Mughals but never renounced own Hindu religion. You may be surprised to know that the caste which is called Chamar in India is Kshatriya caste of Chawarvansh. Not […]

You Are Responsible For Your Happiness & Deserve It

I asked a friend of mine, who has crossed 50 and is going towards 60. What kind of change is the feeling in his life? He sent me the following fascinating lines, which I would like to share with all of you. After loving my parents, my siblings, my wife, my children, my friends, I […]