Immunity Booster For Kids: Improve Kids Immunity Against Covid-19

Speculations are that the third wave of coronavirus will be more dangerous for our kids. Parents worried about child’s health are scouting for immunity booster for kids. Many parents enquire whether they should start giving their children vitamin C, D, and zinc supplements. According to the experts, to develop adequate immunity against coronavirus and other […]

Simple Tips To Reduce Eye Strain

It’s a digital era, and we spent most of our time in front of the screen. Increased hours in front of the screen has led to the emergence of an eye condition- digital eye strain. Prolonged eye strain may affect our eyesight. Here is our article on how to reduce eye strain and protect our […]

Diabetes Home Remedies Hyperglycemia Treatment, Management

Diabetes, in simple words, is described as a metabolic disorder characterized by hyperglycemia in which the level of blood glucose in the patient remains more than normal (70-120mg/dl) over a prolonged period. People who have diabetes underestimate this metabolic disorder and rely only on medicines to maintain normal blood sugar level. However, you need to […]

What is Covid Glossary And New Unknown Terms

The covid-19 pandemic has brought a significant change in our lives and has added many new terms to our everyday vocabulary. To stay protected and reduce the risk of covid-19 infection and its complications, it is imperative to update ourselves with every piece of information related to coronavirus infection. In addition, it is essential to […]

Tamarind is full of Wonderful benefits

Tamarind delivers a host of nutrients which makes eating the tangy fruit a wise choice. One cup of (120 g) tamarind pulp provides: A Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI ), sometimes referred to as recommended daily intake, is the average daily intake level of a particular nutrient that is likely to meet the nutrient requirements of 97-98% […]

Covid-19 Anxiety: How To Reduce Stress

A surge in coronavirus cases is causing considerable anxiety and stress. A significant population of India suffers from mental stress that has affected people’s sense of self and confidence. According to the experts, winning against Covid-19 and returning to normal may take time with social distancing, vaccination, and masking measures. Thus, to cope with the […]

Everything You Should Know About Corona Test Kit: FAQs

With rising Coronavirus cases in India, it is important to update ourselves with every piece of information regarding COVID-19 and follow the government’s guidelines to pay our contribution in the fight against coronavirus phantom. Recently Indian Council of Medical Research has approved the COVID-19 home testing kits using the Rapid Antigen Test that provides the […]

How can you say that your brain affects your eating habits in a good manner

Losing weight is one of the toughest jobs for people’s lives these days. The imposition of a strict lockdown brought all the activities to a stand still and hence every person had to stay in his home. People not allowed to visit parks or gyms for exercising.  A balance of mind and food for a […]

What is immune system and why s it important


A healthy immune system creates a barrier and protects the body from harmful substances, chemicals, and disease-causing microbes that can make you ill. Our immune system is the first and the last defence line that protects our body from pollutants, allergens, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus, and even genetic mutation. As we age, our […]

Should You Take Vitamin Supplements

You may be among the millions who take vitamin supplements as recommended by your physician to lower the risk of certain diseases or combat vitamin deficiency. However, if you are one of those who feel proactive about your health and pop vitamin supplements available in the market everyday just because they claim to improve your […]