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Simple Guidance For Tackling High and Low Blood Pressure.

Both high and low pressure are dangerous for the health. Both of these conditions warn of imminent danger ahead for the health. All of us need to know the parameters of the heart so that corrective measures may be taken when required, so that the life goes on its regular stream troublefree. 1) High Blood […]


Relief In Those Days Of Monthly Periods

The pain in those days obstructs and interrupts normal life’s flow. Do not fall into the trap of taking medicines but try these home remedies to get relief. As the monthly period approach, lots of women start getting backache, or stomach aches or feet start to get pain. It is this  pre mensural syndrome  (PMS […]

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Incredible India – Millionaire Dogs Are Worshipped Daily

Believe it or not the dogs of a village Khanpur located at Chandigarh to Patiala Road, Punjab, are Multi – millionaires. The entire 800 families of the village worship and take theirs morning and evening meals only after dogs are through the benediction by the temple priest. The village temple covers an area of 80 acres […]

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Master The Skills of Learning To Laugh and Be Successful.

Life always throws up more problems & challenges than solutions. It does not mean that one should not laugh. Joy Boot Camp is an organization that has volunteers who teach people to laugh and be joyful in the US. The corporate world is getting interested and let the employees know that it is essential for […]


Everything You Need To Know About Benefits Of Apples.

With a few exceptions, almost all fruits and especially apples, are low in their simple sugars essential vitamins, and fiber content, they have little calories and fat. Wild berries have exceptional high content of anti – oxidants. Photo: Wikipedia 1. Prevents Cataract: People who have regular fruit are better off than others, as it has […]


Tips On All About Slipped Disc

Slipped Disc and Treatment: In modern times, man has made advancement in all fields of existence,but has helped himself in acquiring diseases. In present times, if you talk about numbers of disorders or diseases then you may not be able to count them and in the busy affairs of life of the human. Nearly all […]