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ISRO Has Two Plans to Put Spacecraft Mangalyaan In Mars’ Orbit.

Mars Orbiter Mission of Indian Spacecraft named Mangalyaan (India) will reach its orbit on 24th September. 
The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientists have two options to complete its plans.

Plan A: Under this plan on 22nd September at 2.30 PM the liquid engine will be test-fired. So that, the course alteration of the spacecraft passage will take place. The engine will start for 3.968 seconds, consume about half kilos of its total fuel of 280 kilos. If the liquid engine works correctly, the scientist will proceed as per plan A.

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Photo : Dainik Bhaskar

Plan B; In case plan A fails, on the 24th September, the eight thrusters fixed to the spacecraft to be switched on, so that whole of its fuel will get consumed.

The orbit as per plan A will bring the Spacecraft about 515 KMS above the planet. In plan B, the orbit height will increase to 723 KHs above the Mars. There will be no loss to the spacecraft. Only that the time will get prolonged for the mission too complete.

Monitoring is from four countries.
About 250 scientists will continuously track the spacecraft from four countries. Bangluru, India  (has Indian Deep Research Network); that will monitor with its Antenna placed 32 meters above the ground. The others places being NASA (Houston), Canberra (Australia) and Madrid ( Spain). All this centers will be using the same sized antenna.

250 TB storage:
There will be 60 GB data security facility available, which may be increased to 250 TB by the processor. Looking at the success of ISRO, NASA has also come alongside and cooperating.  At times, it takes up to 32 hours to receive data from the Spacecraft.

The Benefits to scientists and the nation.

The PRO of ISRO gave info that to receive data it takes a long time if there is no damage to the craft. ISRO has prepared the spacecraft with
an Autonomy Function. This function enables the space craft to take its own decision to avoid any impeding dangers.



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Driverless Car is Coming

The most talked about innovation is Google’s driverless car. This car has still not hit the market, but four of the US States have given permission to test drive.

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Photo: Wikipedia-Lexus RX450h

By the year end, 200 of these cars will be running on the streets for testing in normal traffic condition. The car runs by finding way through 600 feet of diameter. The radar system operates the vehicle for making its way through the traffic. There are gong to be no steering wheel, no brake, clutch and of course no driver. 

No accelerator and no gear. There are fitted two buttons marked Stop and go. Google believes the collision or an accident will reduce by 90 %. The car has logged 90000 kilometers without an accident. The two accident that took place when the car had a driver, driving in manual mode.
Google does not want to go in mass production, but looking for car manufacturing companies, so that the customer gets the cheaper car.
So far the Company has spent $ 250 000 in research and development.

The car is the brainchild of Sebastian Thrun, who is the project head for the Company. The idea came to him when years ago his dear friend died of an accident.
Since then he has been dreaming to make such a car that will be an accident-free. The car wold stop the overwhelming deaths of one million precious lives each year

The car is lighter, thus consuming less fuel and greener. The controls do not sleep, can navigate safely between crowded streets. Technical obstructions still remain like laws of human control of traffic system. However the time is not far off when driverless car on roads will be seen.

The negatives such as availability of repairer and pot holed roads will have to be overcome so that positive outlook prevail. Many unseen situations will have to be worked out prior to make this project to be used for benefit of all.

Revival of New York’s Soul : World Trade Center Rises Again

Thirteen years earlier militancy had attracted the attention of the world. Being the principal trade, business and commercial center of the USA, twin towers of World Trade Center, New york were the attraction and the pride of the US. The towers were opened to the public on April 4th, 1973.

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The Agency that planned the towers had a hard and painful experience after the attack. Their input of tremendous effort for the planning, construction and strength of the towers was unprecedented. The initial application got forwarded in 1943 and until 1949 the permission lingered on. The public got information about the twin towers in 1961; the sight of construction got selected on the east of the river. The Governor of NewJersy took the offense seriously that billions of dollars will flow in and invested, but finally had to give the consent.

The present plan is to rebuild new towers at the same place as World Trade Center. They have planned for a complex having six skyscrapers and had a memorial and museum as a tribute to those killed. World Trade center will once again lead as a business center after completion of the construction.

Did not learn enough: 
They never took proper safety and security precautions even after multiple mishaps.Look at the lapses:
February 13th, 1975 – fire.
February 26th, 1993 – Bomb explosion.
January 14th, 1998 – Robbery
New Building is Beautiful:
The new building got readied a few days earlier, has 101 floors in addition to five basements makes the skyscraper 546.2 meters in height. The other towers under construction and one can view from afar.