How in the World a School Turn Out Excellent Achievers ?


You will be astounded to know the achievement of a brilliant girl student Nina Jaiswal who completed @ the age of eight completed 10th class, @ 10-Intermediate, @ 13 Graduation, @ 15-PG and now @ 17 doing her Ph.D. She can write with both the hands, play Piana and cook Hyderabadi Biryani in flat 25 minutes. […]

You See How the Eyes Sparkled as Wrong Notion Faded.

Eyes Sparkled

A positive approach in life is always beneficial to one and all. Here is an eye opener story from a well-known cancer surgeon.  Those who live their end part of the remaining period are usually very sad and wait for the end to come.

How Empathetic Humor is Successful in Solving Problems

Experience the pleasure of humor builds a sense of friendship and relationship among two people—qualities that establish firm, happy association. When you smile with one another, you make a positive correlation between you. This link acts as a powerful defense against tension, misunderstanding, setbacks, and bad spots in a bond.

Green School- Problem Solving Institution of The World

Current contemporary lifestyles have produced deterioration of our actual surroundings, the ever-increasing need for supplies, increasing competitiveness, a developing division between the wealthy and poor and the looming threat of global warming, with further ill-effects.

Everything You Need To Know About Laughter Yoga-Need Of Today.

Laughter Yoga

If we start to eat half, drink double the water, begin to put efforts in your work three times and start laughing four times than at present. Your entire experience is bound to change. Plenty of energies unlock, and your life is full of more happiness, wellness and benefits by remaining in a good mood. Seventy […]

Gujrat’s Most Tech Savvy Village Is So Famous? But Why?

You may have heard of the most technical Savvy and famous Punsari Village, in Gujarat. Located 80 km from the state capital Gandhinagar, the village is a dream come true. Can you believe how a village came up in eight years from an ordinary one? All the Photographs are from the video Of You Tube: […]

Chinese Art School Resembles Harry Potter’s Magic Palace

You must have seen British film producer J K Rolling’s Harry Porter series. There was a school teaching magic, Harry, and his friend learned magic there. Such a looking school is ready and running in the province of Heibei with the name, Academy of Fine Arts in Xinle city, China.