How Yoga And Meditation Benefit Us


We have heard a lot about the benefit of yoga and meditation. These two forms of mental and physical exercises are practised for ages to keep the mind and body happy and healthy. These practices seem more relevant in modern times as they improve balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, relieve anxiety and stress, and strengthens the […]

The Main Benefits of Yoga Burn Workouts

Benefits of Yoga

Are you overwhelmed by the stress of everyday life? Are you looking for a way to relieve your physical and mental tension? Well, the solution might be an ancient Indian discipline, widely known as yoga. It’s a perfect fusion of poses and breathing techniques that provide both physical and mental benefits

Some Yog Asnas for healthy Life


Hastotanasana ( Reduces fat around the Belly.) in this exercise the hands get stretched up above and then arms are opened sidewards. This particular asana reduces fat and asana is very efficient and useful. It makes the spine and spinal bones flexible and is proven to benefit lungs related diseases.

Yoga, the Healthy Way for All in the World

Bridge Pose

It is a good way to know more about the Yoga as the world celebrates 21st June 2016 as the 2nd International Yoga Day. Yoga: The accurate meaning of the word Yoga is to “Add”. Yoga originated a long time back to the mythological times ( over 5000 years) in India. Another meaning is ‘remain confident […]

Yoga Helps the World for Better Mind and Robust Body

Yoga: The literal meaning of the word Yoga is“Add”. India is the place Yoga has originated a long time back to the mythological times ( over 5000 years). Another meaning is ‘remain positive in all you do’. All in all, it is the practice of the idea that mind and the body are one. The […]

See What Can Two Absolutely Wonderful Pranayamas Do For The Most


Pranayam is the way to control our breath by inhaling and exhaling. Patanjali Rishi taught this Pranayam; Prana is equivalent to the Life and Aayam to dimension. Prana is the vital force of life,  and Ayam is the restraint. Pranayam should be practice in the open where plenty of fresh air remains available.

See How In The World Diseases Get Cured By Pranayama

The scientific proofs have increased to prove that stress can easily get controlled through natural and effectual breathing through the nose. The research has shown that profound and slow breathing has the beneficial effect on the health.