Discovery Channel’s Controversy : Anaconda Swallowing Alive Rosolie

Wild Life animal’s Discovery Channel has claimed that it will show an Anaconda swallowing alive Paul Rosolie,26, in its program “Eaten Alive’ on the December 7th. Paul would don a snake-proof suit. The show is in controversy for the shocking theme prior to its broadcast.

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The show to many seems as violations of animal rights. Anaconda is the largest of the snakes on the earth. Paul Rosolie is well known for making the wildlife TV shows. He is shown wearing a snake proof overall in this show. His video on YouTube has been viewed by over 11 million times alone. The TV channels show him proceeding to catch the Anaconda. His account also includes a clip where many people of his team are holding the Anaconda.

In his book released in the beginning of the year on the Amazon area, he has shown many new things. He has shared many incidents in his Twitter account. It is believed that he must have found the Anaconda in the Amazon region.

Some people have questioned the videography and have put petition on ‘Change dot ORG. They believe the way  his team would behave with Anaconda is not right and that Anaconda life is in danger.Their primary demand is that the December 7th show on Discovery Channel should not be aired.

Showing the wild animal participating in games on the TV sends a wrong message to the masses. Rosolie said that Anaconda was not harmed in any way. His says that it is necessary that hunters and the deforesting should not be permitted anymore. He further added  that the public can check in his writings that he is known as the protector of the wildlife animals. He means that he works as a wild life protector.


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