The Spectacle of Ayodhya that Gave Diwali to the World.

Dainik Bhaskar

A new era commenced on the 19th October 2017, on the Diwali – the festival of lights in Ayodhya, India.There was a significant turn over of visitors from the South of India.  Approximately ten thousand Hindu temples got decorated in the city. It was as if the whole of Diwali celebration of India condensed in […]

Learning Here From One Of The Great Thinkers

Learning from great thinkers: Lord Alfred Tennyson ( As gathered and understood from his works) Things that are distant, remain far away, attraction towards them impel one to get them. For example, Columbus and Vasco da Gama discovered the new lands because they wanted to reach the new sea routes to China and India. Hilary and Tenzing […]

Miracle Guru Who Actually Infused Bravery in the Weak Masses

The Sikhs across the world came together on January 5th to celebrate the 350th Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh. It is also called Prakash Utsav or Prakash Parv. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was the last of the ten revered living Sikh Gurus. He was a saint-soldier, spiritual master, philosopher, and a poet. The Sikhs in […]

Incredible India – Millionaire Dogs Are Worshipped Daily

Believe it or not the dogs of a village Khanpur located at Chandigarh to Patiala Road, Punjab, are Multi – millionaires. The entire 800 families of the village worship and take theirs morning and evening meals only after dogs are through the benediction by the temple priest. The village temple covers an area of 80 acres […]

Talented Person’s Stature is More Than the Mightest Man

Thales of Miletus:  Thales was the first great thinker of Greeks and believed to be the Father of Science, known as the first Mathematician and a Scientist. Nobody knew about his birth and death dates but believed to have lived from 624 BC to 546 BC. Aristotle expressed that he was the first of the […]

Understanding The Background Of Incidents That Changed History.


It was on the night of 07th June 1893 that Gandhi was thrown off the train at Pietermaritzburg Railway Station, South Africa. He had refused to vacate the 1st class white-only compartment. That night while waiting in the darkened retiring room of the station, he prayed to God for guidance.

Info on Japanese Wartime 40 Vessels and 250 aircraft Wrecks In Truk Lagoon

aircraft Wrecks

Recently the Underwater Photos’ Series of Nick Blake (49) from the South Pacific Ocean of over 40 warships and small boats and about 250 fighter planes got published. The grounded debris belonged to Japan. During the World War II, they got destroyed within two days by the Allied Forces in February 1944 in an Operation […]

Seven Star Hotel Like Building: Head Quarters of The UNO

Seven Star Hotel

The United Nation Organization (UNO), New York, building is like a seven star hotel. As the headquarters of UNO, the building got renovated in 2007 since its construction in 1952. Famous architect Michel Anderon got the job of renovation in 2007. It took six years and $ 2052100 to complete the job for the 155 […]

1) How Bill Gates Introduced CDs. 2) Debate on Medics Having Tea Break.

Bill Gates had introduced thee compact Disc (CD) in this way: The computers were already on the world scene in 1994 but were not so popular as they are today. That was an era when besides hard drive the data could go on a floppy disc as well. Then, the compact disc got introduced. Bill […]

Diwali – Light Fights Darkness

Today is Diwali – the festival of lights is here again. The eternal fact of good prevailing over evil, harmony over discord and light over darkness is the essential message of this annual celebration of South Asia and the South-east Asia. The elders of this area had so designed the fabric of society that people always get […]