Wonderful Yoga, Absolutely Relieves From All Ailments

We are experiencing the 21st century, an age of modernization, progress, and technology. But in this era, there is an escalation in stress and health related diseases such as hypertension, etc. The food we eat is as per old times or based on last century standard. It is rich, not proper without any follow-up of regular exercise. […]

Helpful info will make you better equipped for Hypertension

1. How does hypertension work? When the rubber pipe has too many sharp kinks or obstructions,  the water flowing through can not find the way out. A pressure gets built up in the pipe and burst open the pipe at a weak point. If a delicate plant comes  in front of the water jet, it will […]

How to encounter Hypertension and Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

April 7 was celebrated as the World Health day.  As per reports of WHO, hypertension and BP and its related side effects can corner anyone. Even the youngsters are seen to be effected by this ever increasing problem  and are not spared. Good news is that hypertension and BP can easily be tackled by following regular exercise, yoga and a proper and balanced diet […]