Everything You Need To Know About How To Stop Heart Attack In A Minute.

Usually, people do not know that Cayenne pepper can prevent heart attack in a minute. Make sure you have this on hand, in case someone from your closest family needs it. Dr. Chrisoper disclosed this that he had never lost a single case of heart problem in any critical stage. He prescribed one spoon of Cayenne pepper tea in a cup of water to patients who are conscious. As a reaction, after about a minute they have remained safe and living. Scientists based this theory on their personal experience and not on studies done in controlled condition.

To ensure that the pepper is sufficiently useful for the heart patient, it is necessary they have the minimum value of Scoville Heat Units ( SHU). The Cayenne pepper has 90,000 SHU.

There are other peppers with SHU scale by names

1,600,000 of Carolina Reaper

855,000–2,199,999 Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Naga Viper pepper, Infinity Chilli, Naga Morich, Bhut Jolokia (ghost pepper), Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper, Bedfordshire Super Naga, Spanish Naga Chili

350,000–580,000 Red Savina Habanero
100,000–350,000 Habanero chili, Scotch bonnet pepper, Datil pepper, Rocoto, Madame Jeanette, Peruvian White Habanero, Jamaican hot pepper, Fatalii Wire.

100,000–225,000 Bird’s eye chili 50,000–100,000 Byadgi chilli, Malagueta pepper, Chiltepin pepper, Piri piri, Pequin pepper, Siling Labuyo.  Via:

Capsicum_annuum_-_Köhler–s_Medizinal-Pflanzen-027             Cayenne pepper -Photo Credit: Wikipedia


There are more methods of giving the cayenne pepper mixed with a glass of water. Mix a teaspoon of the cayenne pepper and water for the patient who has had a heart attack but consciously breathing. When a person is unconscious, all you ned to do is to put a few drops of the pepper extract under the tongue with the rated SHU. The blood circulation is increased and balanced. the blood reaches all parts of the body. It clots the blood thus stopping any loss of blood from the blood vessels. All in all, it helps in heart’s recovery.

The following tincture is considered to be the best remedy for emergency cases or heart attacks. Just remember to use the Cayenne pepper and not any other pepper. Chilly is a bushy tropical plant and twenty times stronger than regular pepper because it contains much more capsaicin, a pepper alkaloid. Its heat is inversely proportional to its size, so the tiniest peppers are usually the hottest. Always choose this kind.




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