Eczema Treatment – Home Remedies, Medications, and Therapies

What Is Eczema?

Eczema is a skin disease in which inflamed itchy patches appear on skin, and skin becomes rough and cracked. 

It can be a genetic disease too. Its scientific name is Atopic Dermatitis. In Severe conditions, the disease can also cause blisters. India reports around 10 million cases of Eczema every year. 

Sometimes Eczema is self-diagnosable. We have got you a full guide to Eczema Treatment. But first, let’s explore what are the symptoms of Eczema

What Are The Symptoms of Eczema?

Symptoms of Eczema are not constant in every individual It changes from time to time in a person. It also varies from person to person. It also depends on the individual’s age factor. 

Symptoms in Infants: 

Children under the age of 2 also suffer Eczema. The symptoms can be following:

  • Itchy Rashes on cheeks
  • Rashes on arms
  • Dryness and Redness of Skin
  • Itchy Rashes on the scalp
  • Rashes after cracking release fluids
  • Peeling

Symptoms in Childhood: 

Childhood Eczema can be genetic. But most of them get healed and do not show symptoms after children hit puberty. These are the following symptoms that can be seen in childhood:

  • Coagulation of skin
  • Rashes on knees
  • Rashes on elbows
  • Rashes on ankles, Neck, or wrists
  • Rashes between buttocks and legs
  • Rough rashes 

Symptoms in Adulthood: 

Symptoms in Adulthood can be more severe than in childhood. The symptoms are:

  • Skin Infections
  • Multiple scale rashes
  • Multiple rashes behind neck, knees, and elbows
  • Rashes near eyelids

Rubbing and scratching worsen Eczema. The inflammation at the rashes increases, resulting in more itching. 

Eczema Treatment- Home Remedies and Medications.

There is no proper cure for Eczema Sometimes it does not cure your whole life. But if you will undertake some precautions and remedies at home, or some medications too, then it can be cured. 

7 Habits and Treatment at home to cure Eczema.

If you are an Eczema patient, then you will have to change your lifestyle. You will have to be more cautious and follow several conservative measures to heal your disease.

Excessive inflammation and itching of Eczema patients can be reduced or healed if you follow these home care remedies:

Put on bandages: If the rashes are severe, then you should apply bandages. It prevents rubbing and getting your rashes worse.

Use warm water for bathing: Use warm water for bathing In which you can add a splash of baking soda or oatmeal.

Apply Moisturizer daily: You should moisturize your skin daily after taking a warm bath. You should apply it twice a day. You can also use several ointments.

Use mild soaps: You should use mild soaps rather than those soaps with perfumes. A non-alkaline soap is good for Eczema patients.   

Daily Apply anti-itching cream to your rashes: You should apply an anti-itching cream at least twice a day after applying moist-itching non-itching creams can help reduce itching temporarily.

Prevent Scratching: Scratching is the major cause of spreading the disease. This is because germs get spread on scratching. So you should not scratch your rashes, instead, you can slightly rub your rash.

Prevent Sweating and wear cool clothes: You should ensure that your clothes are not sweaty. Also, avoid tight clothes as they increase scratching.

Instant Therapies to reduce and control severe cases of Eczema. 

If you are at a long stage of Eczema and Rashes are becoming severe, then some instant Therapies are there to stop conditions from worsening. 

Wet Bandages. 

In this therapy, the severe rash is wrapped with wet bandages containing steroid medicine topical corticosteroids around the affected region. 

You should not do this therapy at home if you are not trained in it. Because it can not be as effective at home as in hospitals. It requires doctors’ proficiency. 

Light Therapy.

Natural therapy, that is, light therapy, is the second option if you do not get cured with wet bandages. It is very simple. You have to sit in the sunlight and expose your rashes to it. 

But there are several negative effects of light therapy. Ageing leads to ageing if taken in the long term. It can become a cause of Skin Cancer.

Drugs for Treatment of Eczema.

For skin rashes:

Effective creaming results in reducing itching at the rashes include:

  • Corticosteroid ointment or cream
  • Pimecrolimus(Elidel) (For infants)
  • Tacrolimus(Protopic) (For infants)

You can use these creams only after the recommendation of a doctor. 

For infections: 

To get rid of infection caused due to Eczema, you can use an antibiotic cream. Oral antibiotics can be taken but only for a short time.

For inflammation:

There are oral drugs for curing inflammation. Prednisone(an oral corticosteroid) is effective in reducing inflammation and long-term serious effects of Eczema.

However, also these drugs should be used only after the concern of the doctor.


Hence, this was a complete guide to Eczema Treatment. Eczema can be annoying because of its symptoms, such as itching and inflammation. As an eczema patient, you have to be more cautious than others towards your skin.

But if you will follow all the above-mentioned medications and remedies, then you can more effectively reduce the effects of Eczema.


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