Practical ways to avoid the impact of Inflation.

1. Admit children to a Government school. There will be a direct saving of Rs.4000 per month.

2. Use  BSNL  Sim, every month RS. 200 will be saved.

3. If there is any work about two kilometres from your place, then ride a cycle. Health will get better by this cycle ride and every month about Rs. 600 rupees will also be saved.

4. Better get a Maruti for 5 lakhs than buying a 12 lakh car.  The interest of the remaining seven lakhs can be used for oil for all time to come.
5. Be particular about using HP Engine oil in the vehicle is HP.
6. Buy shoes from indigenous companies.

7. Whenever possible take medicines from Ayurveda and avoid other systems of the medicines. 
8. Get the treatment done through the Ayushman card. Millions will be saved for the treatment.
9. Buy medicines from Jan Aushadhi Kendra (even allopathic). They are usually 40% cheaper.
10. It is healthier to drink sugarcane juice for Rs 20 than to drink a cold drink for Rs 40.
11. It is better to eat masoori rice. It is healthier and it is Rs 35 per KG whereas basmati per KG is Rs 60 or more.

12. It is better to have a small wedding tent at home than using the place of 5 lakhs.
13. Better to build a Single story house with three to four rooms rather than a two-storey duplex for a single child.

The government did not increase inflation. Inflation is caused by your rising desires that have been extended.


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