Spotlight: Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month Every Year – best thing i’ve ever seen

Lymphoma & Leukemia Awareness Month has started, every year in September both of these diseases sees a drop due to this awareness campaign.

Doctors all over the world believe leukemia or lymphoma are curable comparing to Cancer, which is a disastrous condition. People in North Iowa spread awareness about these diseases that they are curable. The lack of knowledge is one of the biggest hurdles people face.

“We have patients who are cured, who are able to participate in their regular life without any hindrance, and that’s the biggest challenge that we have is to raise awareness that these are not life threatening as they once used to be,” Dr. Arvind Vemula said.

Around 20 Cases of Acute Leukemia are seen each year at the Mercy Cancer Center. Moreover, around same time 5 to 10 patients can be seen for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Video above shows the footage of medical center where treatments are made.


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