Waxing or Shaving: which is the better way to remove hair

Waxing or Shaving

The question which bubbles up in the mind when it comes about hair removal is which method is better waxing or shaving. This issue is under debate for a long time. Each way has its pros and cons, and so in most of the discussions, this topic ends in lack of a definite answer.  In this article, I have pitted waxing and shaving against each other. Let’s see which one comes out to be better.

Comparing waxing and shaving

  1. Ease factor– For waxing, you just need to head towards parlour, or you may call a professional at home. Waxing requires hot wax, powders, waxing strip and lotions. Hot wax is applied to the area wished to be waxed and then with the help of waxing strip hair is removed in the opposite direction swiftly. You can get your hands, underarms, legs and even bikini area waxed.

On the other hand for a good shave, you just need a sharp a good razor, and it can be quickly done at home.

  1. HairRegrowth turn around– By waxing hair is pulled out from the root and hair-regrowth takes about 3-4 weeks.

Shaving only snips the hair from the skin surface.  Regrowth turn-around is just a week to 10 days. As the hair is not pulled out from the root that is why the regrowth time is considerably short.

  1. Type of regrowth hair– Hair that grows following waxing is finer and thinner.

The hair that grows back after shaving is not thick, but the essential nature of the hair remains the same as before saving. As the regrowth is blunt, it appears thick.

  1. Pain- In the hairs are being stripped off in the opposite direction of the growth causing mild pain. In some females it may be more painful and agonising whereas in some it causes little pain. We have a few tips for you to lessen the pain.
    • Pick good wax that is clinically tested.
    • Exfoliate your skin 24 hours before you get waxed. This will open the hair follicles making waxing less painful.
    • Hair length should not be less than one-fourth inch.
    • Do not apply moisturizer or do before getting waxed.
    • After getting waxed wipe the area with cold water
    • Use chilled soothing lotion after waxing.
    • Avoid application of hot wax to the bikini area.

Shaving is no doubt painless however you may get cut if not shaved properly. Application of moisturiser or a saving gel ensures easy saving.

  1. Lasting effects– Getting waxed regularly over a long time eventually reduces the hair density. More time you get waxed finer is the hair.

In case of shaving, the hair growth density remains almost the same.

  1. Quickness- Waxing is time-consuming. You need to wait until the wax is hot. Also if the process of 1 tug does not take off all hair, you have to repeat it. For waxing you need to wait till the hair regrows to at least a quarter inch or wax won’t be able to grasp hair and pull it out. Waxing is not a last minute handy solution you have to plan for it.

You can opt to shave when an event sprung up suddenly, and you do not have much time left. If you have a good razor, then you can eliminate most of the hair in just one long stroke. Shaving needs only shaving gel and razor that is almost present in someone’s house, and so not much preparation or pre-planning is required.

  1. Hygiene- You need to keep in mind that getting waxed in cheap parlour to cut off the cost can be unhygienic. Make sure that the waxing lady in the parlour or those coming to your home uses better quality wax and paper strips. Poor quality wax and strip may cause irritation, redness and even rashes. Get waxed only at the parlours that have well-experienced professionals and use good quality of wax and strips. Also, make sure that the waxing lady wears a glove especially while waxing the intimate parts.

In the case of shaving, hygiene is in your own hands. Use a sharp razor of your own, saving gel of good quality and warm water. Do not share your razor with anyone and get it washed before and after shaving with detol solution and let it dry.  Do not use rusty and dull razors.

  1. Suitability to the skin- If your skin is sensitive then waxing may irritate. Also, you need to make sure that the wax is not too hot to burn your skin or it will cause red bumps. If waxing strip is ripped of incorrectly, it may cause red patches on the skin. Too much waxing over time makes your skin lose. Waxing may also result in ingrown hairs in some women.

Shaving if done improperly using horizontal strokes can be a problem. If vertical stokes are done, and you have picked up the right technique, there is no skin irritation. But yes, there is chances of razor burn, ingrown hair and cuts.

  1. Cost– As we discussed above waxing should be done by a professional and in a parlour that uses good quality wax and strips. This will be costly. The cost depends on body Parts to be waxed and differs from parlour to parlour. But yes the smooth skin you get after waxing is worth the money you spend.

Shaving is comparatively cheap, and only you have to buy a razor and a shaving cream. You need to change a razor after 3-4 use.

Still, after going through the pros and cons of waxing and shaving, you are confused which one to opt we have a suggestion for you. First of all, determine your skin and hair type. In the case, you have sensitive skin use razor as waxing may cause rashes. Also, you may choose to shave if you want your purpose to be solved without any pain or discomfort. In the case, you have normal skin, and little pain is not a big bother for you then go for waxing as it pulls the hair out from the root and your skin feels soft and smooth.


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