White Discharge Reasons: Know When To See Your Gynecologist

White Discharge

Almost every woman experiences vaginal discharge throughout menstruation cycle. Depending on the consistency and colour of the discharge underlying medical condition can be determined. Below are nine common white discharge reasons.

 White Discharge Reasons

White Discharge

  1. Cleaning– To keep your vagina clean, fluid is produced by the glands present in cervix and vagina. It eliminates dead cells, bacteria out and keeps infection at bay.
  2. Ovulation- Few days after periods end and just before ovulation, production of vaginal discharge increases. By judging the changes in consistency of white discharge some women can even predict ovulation. Creamy white discharge with egg white consistency in great amount is usually produced just before ovulation. After ovulation it gradually becomes thick.
  3. Before periods- If your periods are due in next few days, you may experience milky white discharge, and it’s perfectly normal.
  4. Pregnancy Some women experience milkier, mild-smelling or odourless white discharge in great quantity when Better try homemade pregnancy test or meet your gynaecologist to confirm pregnancy.
  5. Irregular periods- Irregular periods is caused due to hormonal imbalance, PCOS, endometriosis, sedentary lifestyle and birth control pills. It may lead to increased vaginal discharge. If you commonly experience white discharge that has now become brown coloured or bloody see your gynaecologist as it may be a sign or cervical or endometrial cancer.
  6. Yeast infection- If the white vaginal discharge is thick like curd or cottage cheese, it is an indication of vaginal yeast infection. Other symptoms of vaginal yeast infection are a pain while passing urine, pain during intercourse, burning, itching and swelling around the vulva. Candida overgrowth causes yeast infection in females. Women who are pregnant, have untreated diabetes, with the weak immune system and are on antibiotics are more likely to suffer from it.
  7. Bacterial vaginosis– Discharge due to bacterial vaginosis is usually yellow or grey, but it may be white. It has a fishy Bacterial vaginosis is caused due to overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. In most of the cases the infection is mild and goes in a few days, but it’s better to meet your gynaecologist for proper treatment because if remained untreated complication may arise.
  8. Trichomoniasis- Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease. It causes smelly and foamy vaginal discharge along with itching, irritation, pain during sex and painful urination. Rarely there is a pain in lower abdomen. Oral antibiotics is prescribed to treat trichomoniasis.
  9. Gonorrhoea– A cloudy white discharge with yellow hue may be a symptom of gonorrhoea. Gonorrhoea is STD. Other signs are burning during urine, pain in lower abdomen, swelling of vulva and bleeding between periods. There also may be conjunctivitis and swelling or burning in the throat after oral sex. Visit your doctor to avoid complication and proper treatment.

Hope you find this article explaining white discharge reasons helpful. Make sure to visit your gynaecologist if you experience any change in colour, odour and consistency of vaginal discharge.

In general to prevent abnormal vaginal discharge avoid douching,  avoid sex with multiple partners, use condoms while having sex, do not use perfumed soaps to wash vagina better use a lactic acid wash and prefer wearing cotton panties.


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