The Joy of Laughter and make others Laugh


The laugh is a word that changes our facial expression right on hearing the word ” laugh”. The facial expressions change and the enthusiastic Exultation urge develops in the mind to achieve something from the Almighty God different kind of efforts like Yajna, penance, meditation, meditation etc. have to resort. But on the contrary, the God has gifted right from the birth a blessing that solves many different problems, difficult situations and gets freed from the stress.


We have given up or have forgotten the gift to laugh. There is only one species that got this boon known as “laugh” If we do not use this boon then the loss is ours. We will also suffer from the guilt for God. Laughter is such a natural activity due to which all the systems of the body get involved together. They may be the digestive system, breathing system, circulatory, hormones, reproductory system, along with by laughing the capacity for oxygen assimilation enhances considerably and the closed pores open up, the blood transfusion and blood purification get enhanced, The person with a laughing face looks more handsome that means with a single stroke many other jobs get done.

That is why there is a popular saying in the south Asia ” Smile on the face make every job easy” In today’s milieu every second person is troubled by some problem or the other and unhappy. Laughter has disappeared and to laugh we need to find an excuse.

It is a paradox that humans assert to achieve larger aims and be successful but have totally forgotten in the rat race how to laugh and enjoy.  That results in stress, mental tension and unhappiness.  In search of happiness, they have driven away from laughing. We were out to search for a happy life but have got lost to find a good life.

By laughing 72000 Veins- nerves get affected at a time and the hormones get together to make a good balance in the body. The WORKING CAPACITY  enhances and the decision-making ability gets sharpened and enhanced. You get saved from committing any mistake simply because while laughing one cannot do anything harmful.

Have you heard that anybody ever gets killed by someone who is laughing or quarrelling? All the\ misdoings are committed while under the spell of anger or liquor. Therefore why not use this gift from nature as much as possible to get benefitted in any sphere of living.

Let us dedicate ourselves to the gift of laughter to reap the fruits. Initially, one may find it difficult to practice it but over a length of time you will get tuned to be humorous but a habit will be formed. With experience, a stage will come when you will naturally form the habit to laugh. This way without spending or losing anything you will be benefiting from laughing or smiling in your day to day living and working.

By laughing we can get rid of many sorrow, sufferings, shortages, stress, and with a smile, while feeling happy in the mind, observing God’s creation with the right vision, being in a continuous practice is a devotion to God. God is happy when you laugh, and happier when you make others laugh. Even otherwise we have no right to misuse this God-given ability. You must have noticed that no matter how stressed or worried, you will find yourself away from this situation by hearing the lovely voice and chat with small kids and their smiling face. So, come and use this hidden treasure for self and as well others in larger measure and on hearing and remembering the lines below to keep ourselves most of the problems.

“Never mind the grievances, agree with your adversity sometimes or console him.

Tomorrow cannot be trusted, as we may not be there.

So, whenever you get some time,  laugh a little or make others laugh.”

The human life is created for joy. You try and find out by going against by not talking to someone or stop talking to someone or by remaining annoyed. You can not stay like this for a very long time. So why not get joy by laughing and smiling and get the maximum benefit out of the God’s gift.


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