The Best Natural Ways to Regulate Your Blood Sugars

natural ways to regulate sugar

Everyone who desires to have a good health must always be conscious of their blood sugars. This should not just be a concern for those suffering from conditions such as diabetes, or those with high-risk factors of diabetes. High blood sugar happens when the red blood cells lose their ability to effectively transport sugars to all parts of the body where it will be used for the production of energy. If the blood sugars are not checked on a regular basis, the consequences will be detrimental, with diabetes waiting to pounce anytime. But all these can be avoided if you know how to regulate your blood sugars naturally, and here are a few tips to help you-:

natural ways to regulate sugar

Spread out your meals

The first method you can use to regulate your blood sugars naturally is to spread out your meals throughout the day and to be very consistent with carbohydrates. This will also ensure even release and utilization of glucose through the day. Again, you should not eat small meals in order to compensate with a huge dinner neither should you skip your meals or even fast, especially when you at risk of getting diabetes.

Exercise regularly

As far as regulating blood sugar naturally is concerned, there are a number of benefits you will get by exercising. For example, regular exercise will help you to reduce insulin sensitivity and also help you to lose weight. With increased insulin sensitivity, your cells will be in a good position to use the sugars that will be available in your bloodstream at any given time. Exercising will also empower your muscles to learn and adapt to using muscle contraction and blood sugars for energy. But while you do all these, you should remember to check your blood sugars on a regular basis.

Control your intake of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are broken down by the body into sugars, before being converted into insulin which is then transported by the body cells to where the energy is needed. When you eat too many carbohydrates, the body may fail in converting sugars into insulin, leading to high sugar levels. To avoid this, you should consider having your carb intake under control and if possible, you should count of carbs you eat so that you get the right amount of glucose needed for optimal functioning of the body.

Eat more fibers

By increasing your intake of fibers, you will be slowing down the process of carb digestion and as well as the rate of sugar absorption. With these, the rise of blood sugars will be under control and it will be more gradual than spontaneous. Since there are two types of fibers which play very different roles in the body, it is imperative to also check the type of fibers you eat. For regulating blood sugars naturally, you should consider increasing your intake of the soluble fibers. Some of the foods where you can get this fiber from include whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

Always stay hydrated

By staying hydrated through drinking a lot of water, your blood sugar level will be kept within the safe limits. Proper hydration will also help the kidney get rid of excess sugars which might be present in the blood through urination. Studies have also been conducted and it was concluded that those who drink more water have lower chances of having high blood sugars.

Consider portion control

With portion control, you will be in a good position to regulate your intake of calories, and also have a check on your weight. When you control your weight, you will promote healthy blood sugar levels and this will put you out of harm’s way as far as type 2 diabetes is concerned. If you are wondering how you can control your portions, here are a few tips for you’re:

  • Weigh portions when cooking
  • Avoid big plates
  • Don’t visit all-you-can-eat restaurants
  • Check on food labels so that you can understand the serving sizes
  • Eat slowly

Consider eating diets with low glycemic index

Glycemic index is a method used for assessing how the body’s sugar levels respond to the various types of foods that contain carbohydrates. Foods with low glycemic index are suggested to have the ability to lower the long-term blood sugar levels in people suffering from diabetes type 1 and type 2. Some of the foods known to have a low glycemic index include most fruits, sweet potatoes, non-starchy vegetables, legumes, lentils, barley, eggs, beans, meat, and seafood.

Drink organic wheatgrass Juice

In a study where wheatgrass was given to diabetic rats, it was discovered that the wheatgrass helped to lower the blood sugar levels by altering the functioning of certain enzymes in the animals. Another study concluded that when diabetic rats were treated with extracts from wheatgrass, their blood sugars dropped drastically after 30 days. As such, one of the approaches one may consider to lower blood sugars naturally, whether or not they are diabetic is to use wheat grass, such as drinking organic wheatgrass juice powder on a regular basis.

Avoid getting stressed

When you are stressed, hormones such as cortisol and glucagon are released to deal with the stress. But these hormones will not just deal with the stress, but also they will make the levels of blood sugars to spike. Therefore, it is important that you avoid stress if you don’t want to increase your blood sugar level unnecessarily. Some of the ways you can use to reduce stress include exercising, medication, and relaxation.

Get adequate and quality sleep

Enough and quality sleep is not just vital for overall good health, but also for helping you regulate blood sugar levels naturally. When you don’t get enough sleep or you have poor sleeping habits, your blood sugar levels may spike and your insensitivity to insulin may also increase. Besides, lack of sleep will inhibit the release of growth hormone as well as increase the levels of the hormone cortisol in the blood. Both of these have vital roles to play in regulating blood sugars, and therefore, it is important to have good amounts of quality sleep every night.


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