How To Get The Best Night Sleep You’ve Had In Ages

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Sleeping is one of the most natural and important things that our bodies do – so why is it so hard sometimes to get to sleep? Worry, stress, and anxiety are often the main reasons for lying awake staring at the ceiling every night. This wouldn’t be a problem if our bodies didn’t need sleep to function properly. It’s frustrating when you feel tired but your brain simply can’t switch off, so we’ve come up with some handy ways of getting a great night sleep, even when you’re riddled with other thoughts. Here’s how to get the best night sleep you’ve had in ages!

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Consider hypnosis

A fantastic and natural way of falling asleep is by using hypnosis tapes. You can get hypnosis for all kinds of ailments, but to get the full effect try using one that’s tailored for helping you sleep. It works by calming both your conscious and subconscious mind, while relaxing every fibre of your body at the same time. Consider trying out hypnosis to drift off into a relaxed and refreshing sleep.

Essential oils

Essential oils are a great way of helping the mind and body relax with ease. Certain smells can help you feel super relaxed and can aid you falling into a natural sleep. Sacred soul holistics have a useful piece on why they work so well, so check out The complete guide to using essential oils before going to sleep and see if you think they could help you fall asleep easier at night!

Write down your worries

As mentioned earlier, often the reason for lying awake is because something is on your mind or you’re worried about something. The fear of forgetting something important is often a reason for being kept awake, so try writing down your thoughts and worries before bed to not only ensure you remember it when you wake, but so that you can get things off your chest. Perhaps writing a diary might help you sleep better in the long run?

Use breathing techniques

Breathing techniques are actually more powerful than you think. When you’re asleep, your heart rate is much lower than when you’re awake. Try breathing in deeply for five seconds, and then very slowly releasing your breath for eight seconds. Many people swear by this technique!

Look at what you’re consuming before bedtime

Finally, one of the reasons that you’re staring into space at night might be because your mind and body is simply too stimulated to sleep. Cut out caffeine, alcohol, and junk food at least two hours before heading to bed so that you can give your body and mind a better chance of falling asleep naturally!

Sleep tight!


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