4 Common Workout Mistakes You Should Avoid

Whether you’re a sprinter, yogi or weightlifter, you probably know that there’s a lot to learn when it comes to form, technique, recovery and so forth. Nobody is perfect and it takes time to fully master and get the most out of any type of exercise. When it comes to working out, learning from your mistakes can be a painful process.

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Athletes risk many workout-related injuries when they don’t know how to properly perform a certain set or move. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you stay injury-free and become fitter, faster and healthier the right way.  Here’s what NOT to do.

Pain Is a Sign to Stop

“No pain, no gain.” It’s a very popular term in many workout circles. It’s also one that you shouldn’t be following. If something hurts, stop before it can turn into a serious injury. Your body uses pain as a way of warning you that something is wrong,so listening to your bodyis a pretty good idea.

Not Stretching

No matter what your preferred sport is, stretching before and after sessions is extremely important. Not only does it prevent injuries, but you’ll also feel better and be more prepared for the next workout. Incorporate a comprehensive set of stretches into your routine that covers all the muscles you’ll be using in your workout.

Reach Stretch Studios is an excellent service that will help you keep your muscles strong and healthy by prescribing a personalized stretch therapy program. Whether you’re going through a workout-related injury or simply looking for a unique stretch routine, it’s worth checking out.

Not Knowing the Correct Form

If you’re following a teacher or tutorial, it may seem like a good idea to save some energy and perform a certain move in a way that feels more comfortable to you. However, specific moves are designed to be done in a specific way. Performing them incorrectly can lead to injury or incorrectly developed muscles.

This is especially evident in weightlifting. For example, letting your knees bow during a squat can seriously injure your legs. Flaring your elbows out too much during a bench press can damage your shoulders. Rounding your back during a deadlift is an equally bad idea.

Don’t hesitate to put in more effort if it means getting your form right.

Doing More Than You Can Handle

While you may think that lifting a dumbbell twice your bodyweight or running faster than you should be during an endurance race looks cool, your body will make you pay the price for it later. Pushing your limits isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it’s often how you progress,but there are limits that simply shouldn’t be pushed due to the consequences that come afterwards. Know the difference between going hard and putting too much strain on your joints, muscles and ligaments.

The last thing you want to do is sit at home all day because of an injury. If you know how to avoid these basic mistakes, your workouts will be significantly more beneficial to your health and progress – not to mention how much more enjoyable each routine will be.

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