Three Tips for Whitening Your Skin Safely

Whitening has come to attain a negative connotation in the beauty community. The stigma against it is understandable; there has been rotten fruit that ruined the batch. However, the working definition of this article is whitening refers to the process of removing spots, blemishes and returning darkened areas to their original tone. It is therefore not the stereotypical perception of turning one’s skin tone several shades lighter.

There is no shortage of ways to whiten skin. From over the counter products to DIYs, people are finding convenient ways to transform their skin. The process also knows no boundaries; a medical device consultant or a stay at home mother, both can decide that they want to tweak something they are not entirely happy about. There are both dangerous and safe ways for approaching whitening your skin; we will explore them below.

Read the Ingredients

Unless you are making a DIY of everyday products in your pantry, you want to research the products in the whitening agent. Why? You will be able to avoid the trap that most fall into and use dangerous products unknowingly. Before making the purchase, research each component on the container, no matter how complex. It is not uncommon for products banned in countries to make an entrance using

different names for the same ingredients. It will be time-consuming, but at least you will be safe. Even when it does pass the test, first test it on a small part of your skin in case it has allergens.

Follow Instructions

More is not always better. If anything, it is mostly considered poisoning. Warning labels are there for a reason. Do not assume that you are an exception to the rule as you might land yourself in a dermatologist office, or worse, the hospital. Apart from the instruction label, check online forums to see what people have found to be the best use for the product and are professionally verified. Where you are whitening also matters; your face is delicate, while your feet can withstand a bit more.

Keep Away From the Sun

Whatever product you are using, your skin will be sensitive as you are introducing new substances. You, therefore, want to ensure that you always have sunscreen on, but more so stay out of direct sunlight. Assuming that you are only using the treatment for a short while until you attain results, you want to take caution to avoid sunburns and irritation. Using home remedies such as aloe and apple cider vinegar should you have in the sun for too long can help soothe your skin.



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