Walking is Health

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These days lesser work and more comforts have become the yardstick of success. Our generation is known as that of least walking humans. Only by quitting this record we can move towards walking, then we will attain good health.

Right from the advent of human civilization walking was essential for all. Walking or running away from animals was natural for existence. This continued right from Stone age till Agriculture Age. The industrial revolution and Communication revolution altered the world as far as health was concerned. All people started to believe that minimum walking and least physical work were the measure of success. The run for Chair became the order of the day and Sofa culture became the fashion of the times. All this, unfortunately, led us to become lazier and prone to fall sick.

Getting Away from Exercise:

Today, ninety per cent of the world’s population does not exercise at all. The line up to the physicians’ rooms can get halved only if half an hour of walking gets practised daily. People cannot remember when they walked or ran for 3 to 4 kilometres. They cannot visualize or remember this simple work when was it done. If this job is done on a daily basis in the taking of medicines will get halved soon.

The key to a healthy body

Except those that get giddy, others should walk. Those who walk daily have produced many startling but happy results that have improved their health. Civilisations all over the world have always lauded walking. When we walk, there is a moment in the cells. Whenever we start to walk, the cells begin to accelerate. The muscles get activated and become supple and flexible. The blood circulation increases and all poisonous particles get removed. The joints get healthier, The pleasure giving serotonin hormones increase much and makes one happier and dispels all the stress and we get free of the depression. .

Removes insomnia

Throgh walking or working out the intestine gets peristalsis waves. That frees us from constipation, indigestion, acidity, and such other problems.By walking we get tired but such tiredness is the best medicine for a good sleep. IN an article in THE jOURNAL OF CLINIcal sleep Medicine a research paper affirms that the problem in those who walk daily or works out on daily basis the problem reduces by 55%. Also, heartt, kidney and brain remain healthy. The blockages in the veins and stone get dissolved,

When you walk late with nature. .. so whatever desired, get more than that.

Walk, otherwise the medicines will walk with you.

By knowing the advantages of walking one feels either to join a gym or get out for the morning walk soon .But 90% of the people doing so come back into same routine with in six months. That is why it is necessary that one includes giving a definite time in one daily routine.

Make walking a habit or make it weakness

Make walking a habit or a strong point. Like park your car a kilometer away from the office, go to bur the groceries while walking.

Walk up the stairs to reach your office floor.

Make it compulsory to walk 10000 steps or 3 kilometers daily. You may complete this target anytime with in 24 hours.

Do all the home chores yourself, like cleanliness, washing clothes, wiping floors, gardening of your home.

Swimming, dancing, fun with children or playing with them, are all very god as exercise.

So walk today because walking is life. You entitled for health life as your right.


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