Some Yog Asnas for healthy Life


Hastotanasana ( Reduces fat around the Belly.) in this exercise the hands get stretched up above and then arms are opened sidewards. This particular asana reduces fat and asana is very efficient and useful. It makes the spine and spinal bones flexible and is proven to benefit lungs related diseases.

Hastotanasana . Source: google .com

Tadasana or Moutain Pose is for increasing height, like tree called Tad in Hindi. In this asana, the body looks like a Tad tree right at the end of the posture.

This asan stretches one’s muscles and the nerves. So that other asanas may be executed smoothly. It is beneficial for children to gain height and also one can decrease weight and even weight.

Katichakrasana ( makes the waist thin):

Kati means the waist. One can stop the increment of the waist size by regular practice of this asana.

Katichakrasana : source:

The asana is helpful in constipation and in reducing the pain in the waist if any. Along with the above benefits, it keeps the lungs healthy.

Trikonasana: ( For painful waist)

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If you have pain in the waist, then practice trikonasana. By regularly performing this asana one can reduce the weight, it is also beneficial in gaining height. Exercising under an expert the sciatica patients get benefited.

Vrikshasana ( for knees)

Vriksha means a tree likewise one stands on one leg in this asana.

Vrikshasana: source: google .com

It is beneficial for strengthening the ankle and knee joints. Besides, sponginess and flexibility get induced with the extra benefit of making the mind serene.

Padmasana ( for meditation and focus)

Padanmasan: Source

This asana is beneficial for meditation. The physical activities come to a standstill. This asana is meant for mental peace, focusing and very good for memory. Removing constipation is helpful through this asana.

Siddhasana ( For Salvation)

In the realm of Asanas, the place of Siddhasana is very important. By practising this asana one can advance into attaining salvation.


It is helpful in ending libido and acquiring Brahmacharya. It is helpful in micro nerve flow and awakening of kundalini.

Vajrasana ( For Digestion)

Vajra asana . Source:

It is asana for meditation. By practising it one can invigorate the digestion system.

Sinhasana ( For thyroid)

It is useful for the neck and facial muscles. It is a good asana for eyes, throat, and stomach muscles.

Sinhasana : Source: google .com

It makes your voice melodious and saves from thyroid related problems.

Vakrasana ( For the spine)

This asana is highly beneficial for the spine( backbone) and enhances the hyperactivity of the spine.

Vakrasana – Source:

It works and activates the Pancreas . and helpful in case of diabetes.

Ardh Matsantra asana ( For controlling diabetes)

It works at the same time for, many glands namely
Adrenal glands, kidneys, pancreas, and spleen.

Ardh Matsantra asana – source:

It enhances the work of the pancreas, and this controls constipation, asthma, and diabetes effectively.
Good for the spinal cord

Paschimottanasana ( for reducing obesity)

This asana strengthens the stomach muscles along with it is helpful in tackling constipation, obesity, indigestion, and sciatica.

Paschimottanasana – Source:

In general, Paschimottanasana stretches the hip area long with hamstrings and the lower back. It gives a massaging effect to stomach areas and the organs therein and also tones the shoulders.


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